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Friday Read Out in Left Field

The holiday's are over, whew, so lets continue with our free read.

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Chapter Seven

After falling asleep once more, I awoke to the sounds of a television. When I rose, I searched for Nathaniel who wasn’t lying next to me.

Now what?

I got up, looking for my clothes when Nathaniel came in with a tray of food.

“Allo gorgeous,” he said with a grin. He sat down next to me, pulling me in for another embrace.

Although I enjoyed it, I was thinking about how our relationship would be that we’d slept together.

“Uh allo, Nathaniel…um.” I stammered as he put a croissant with sausage to my lips.

I took a bite while looking into those beautiful eyes once more. “We need to chat, mate.”

Nathaniel put the sandwich down on the plate and inhaled. “I know love, I’m not gonna try to run away from what happened. I wanted that Roger, and I wanted you…”

“Yes, as did I but can we function as friends now that this has happened? I mean, can we get past this and allow things to return to normal?” I said while taking another bite.

Nathaniel looked miffed at my statement. “What do you mean Madden? You want to pretend like it never occurred?”

“Um, well not that drastic but…” I looked for something less negative to say.

“Oh? It sounds like you do. You said you want things to go back the way they were before we shagged this mornin’.” His eyes narrowed as he finished his sentence.

That’s exactly what I wanted but I didn’t want to upset him more than he already was.
“Nat, I…I’m a straight man that wanted to experience gay sex. Now that I have…”

“Oh so that’s all it was to you huh? We’ve been friends for years, Roger. I thought you wanted me. You took me away from Charlie!”

I had angered him now; I saw the redness in his cheeks.

“Yes Nat, it’s true I wanted you and now that this happened…I…want to go back to being the way I was. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t special to me. I just…I’m not homosexual okay?” I got up from the bed leaving him there.

While I started dressing, I felt his eyes on me. “Oh really? Here’s a news flash for you Roger, you slept with me. It means you’re not straight chum.”

“Yes I am. I was curious is all. I’m rather happy you were the one to fulfill my longing. Besides, we’re athletes Nat. The climate we work in won’t permit us to be together, you know that.” I slipped into my shoes whilst putting on my shirt.

“Yeah, I know but Roger we connected this mornin’ love. I know you want to be with me. No one has to know.” He pulled my waist trying to get me back in bed.

“Nat, please…what…what are you sayin’? I just told Irene that I didn’t want a relationship, what makes you think I’d get into one with you?” I fell down on the mattress where he wanted me.

He rolled his eyes. “Roger, it doesn’t have to be that. As long as you acknowledge we have this, that will be good enough for me. Hey, you may not consider yourself gay but you’re definitely bisexual. I am. I admit that proudly.”

“Only to me and Charlie you would, not to anyone else.”

“True but isn’t that all that matters? I’ll play the straight game only to keep up that appearance. It is a necessity that we do that, Roger. Believe me, I hate doing it but I know it’s the only way to avoid scrutiny.”

I knew what he was saying but I still didn’t want any part of this. I had my fun, now it was time to look for someone that was even more attractive than him; a female. “Look Nat, I enjoyed it but I’m not sure I’m ready to acknowledge that I’m bisexual. Let’s just move on and keep it between us alright?” I patted his leg before attempting to get up.

Quickly, he caught my hand, putting it on his bare chest. It was only then I realized that he was still nude. “No Roger, you’ll recognize now who you are and what you are. You want this, I know you do.”

“Nat…please,” I said as he engulfed my lips with his own causing me to lose focus.

“Mmmhh Roger, I want you inside me now. Understand what I’m tellin’ you mate.” Nathaniel began taking my clothes right back off. I didn’t stop him because deep down I did want to fuck him.

“We can still be with the ladies Roger,” he whispered while pulling my pants down. “I just want us to have this, chum. We’ll be fuck buddies is all, then we’ll see where it leads us. No one will know.”

Once he had gotten my trousers and underwear down around my ankles, I used my feet to finish the job. Right then, he kneeled down taking my cock into his mouth.

“Shit Nat…AHHH!” I yelled while he swallowed me completely.

After a couple of minutes, he moved the tray from the bed before pushing me down to straddle me. I rose up a little, lifting my shirt over my head.

“I want you Roger…” he breathed while stroking my dick.

At this point, I was ready to take him as he wanted. Slowly, I reached for our “necessities” from the side table.

“Oh Nat, fuck…” I panted while he kissed my neck. My body was on fire. My nipples hard as pebbles.

Nathaniel sheathed me before using the lube to prepare his tight puckered spot.

“Ah Roger, I want to ride you baby. Please, yeah,” he begged while jerking my man meat with his lubed hand.

“Uh…yesss Nat, ah.” Before I could respond, he lowered himself on top of my erection, gasping as I filled him completely.

“Roger, fuck…ugh…,” he moaned while moving vertically on my shaft.

I reached upward, pinching his nips, gazing into those gorgeous brown eyes.

“God’s Nat, your ass…FUCK,” I yelled loudly as went faster, pounding me into his mattress.

I moved my fingers from his pecs to the sheets on the bed, gripping them to hold on for dear life.

“Mmm…Roger, damnit baby. Are you ready to come,” he said as he leaned forward kissing my neck once more.

“Yes…,uh fuck!” I screamed before I could finish my sentence.

My body shook as he slowed down, bucking against my pelvis as if he were on horseback.

“Oh Roger…yesssss…” he screeched, throwing his head back.

After the shocks were done, I gazed into those eyes once more noticing the lust in his eyes.

Nathaniel really does want me.

When I tried to move once more, he pushed me back down. “Roger, I want you, damnit don’t you get it?”

“Yeah I do Nathaniel but I…I’m just not ready for this now. I cannot deny the heat between us but…”

Suddenly, he kissed my lips again. “Then don’t, you idiot. Acknowledge it, embrace it. I won’t tell anyone.”

Once more, he invaded my mouth with his tongue.

Could I be in this fuck buddy relationship and still shag a woman? I wasn’t sure but I had the feeling Nathaniel would not allow me to get too far away.

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