Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Read Out in Left Field

Good morning! We're almost done with the Out in Left Field Friday read. This means I'll need to write something new. I'm up to the challenge.

Anyway, here it goes, some more of my small serial read.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

Part Seven

Chapter Eight

The rest of that day, we stayed in bed watching tv, talking, and shagging. Although I still wasn’t all the way comfortable with the idea of being with him, I gave in because again, I realized how much I liked our experience.

The morning after, the team met for breakfast. Nathaniel and I sat on either side of Charlie, who was telling jokes at that moment.

While we ate, I kept looking over at Nathaniel who was biting down into a muffin when he caught my gaze.

Shit, what the hell has come over me?

Wryly, he smiled then winked. Even though I said I didn’t want to revisit our lovemaking, that second I desired that tight ass around my dick.

As I gulped down the last bit of coffee in my mug, my thoughts drifted to our session the day before. How good the sex felt each, and every time we did it, I'd lost count by nightfall.

He made me scream out his name repeatedly. Especially when he took my cock into his mouth. Damn he was so good at that. His mouth tightly wrapped around my shaft.

Again, I gawked over at him drinking some juice. He found me looking at him once more and intentionally let a drop run from the side of his mouth.

God’s he’s torturing me. He’ll make me eat my words about not wanting anything more.

Charlie stopped eating and looked at me. “What on earth are you staring at Madden?”

Embarrassed, I put my head down. “Aw nothin’ just erm…just the watermelon on the table, it looks a little rotten.”

That was the first thing I could think of since it sat directly in front of Nathaniel.

Charlie snickered while picking up a piece. “Madden, it looks fine to me. Looks to me that you were givin’ an eye to Terry over ‘ere.”

Yeah I am, I can’t help myself.

The table jeered as Charlie turned towards Nathaniel. “What’s goin’ on between you two?”

“Nothin’ Charlie.” Nathaniel glared at Charlie while taking a piece of toast biting into it quickly.

I cleared my throat before gulping down a glass of orange juice.

Everyone was eerily quiet since Charlie asked the question.

This is what I was afraid of.

Exactly the reason why I didn’t want to continue this “thing” we had. I was starting to become drawn to Nat. I wanted him more than any female at this point.

“Right you two, I’m thinkin’ you had somethin’ goin’ on. You know in the campy sense, but if you say it’s not the case…then so be it.” Charlie sipped some of his coffee.

Campy indeed, more like bender.

I couldn’t believe I was feeling this way. I’m straight. I like girls. I just wanted that moment with Nathaniel. That’s all.

Now, it seemed I wanted more and it showed on my face.

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