Monday, January 23, 2012

Michael Mandrake Post - Writing from the Muse

I’m one of the muses that came from the wild imagination of this multi faceted author. Interestingly, I’m only one of three personalities that Sharita considers to be the voices who assist her as she writes stories of love and romance through many genres and subgenres. BLMorticia, just sat in this virtual chair yesterday.

Inside this black woman from Chicago, Illinois is a middle aged, gay white British male who tells tales of men in love as they struggle to gain acceptance among their families and peers.  In most of my stories, the men are already comfortable in their own skin and no longer have the issues with the “coming out phase.” The characters in a Michael Mandrake story want love, open communication, commitment, and a healthy sex life. *grins* How they achieve this is all up to the plot Sharita and I come up with and most of the time, it takes them a while before they achieve this.

Why you ask? Well, Sharita and I love to torture our characters. In the first story we did, True Meaning of Love, it was sort of, for lack of a better word, incomplete. There was only one major scene where you got to view that struggle between London and Brandon from the sidelines. I assure you in its sequel you’ll see more since what we aim to achieve is taking our characters “through the wringer” before they get their desired result. Of course, that result is mind-blowing sex and mutual understanding. Now, it might take ten thousand words or more before they get that climax. And oh when they get that, they respond. Nothing is more satisfying than to see them in the afterglow and once they get done, they move on to a new challenge or the story will get ready to end.

What about our characters? They might be visually appealing to the eye but are severely flawed. Matthew in Only When I Lose Myself has Attention Deficit Disorder, his partner, Adrian, is a singer who in my editor’s words was a selfish git. He also had his own demons he was battling which would be the reason he had a shrink. That one psychiatrist was only one of the reasons they got together.

Another would be my doctor in new novella, Vertigo. Hayden Currie is a gorgeous man, tall, well-defined, and very rich but his need for the new and unique drives him literally mad and he desires a lover who will take him on an interesting ride. He finds him, a “shifter” by the name of David, who turns out to be more than a science experiment. When they finally find out things about one another, the union is bliss but to achieve it, one has to pay a hefty price.

Those are only three examples of the characters I create. Usually, the models are the beautiful men Sharita has found on the net or ones she admires from afar or is it the ones she obsesses over. *winks* The plots come from headlines, song titles and lyrics or any number of challenges she deals with in daily life. Whatever she’s infused her head with there most likely will be a story behind it. Why? Because me, BL, and Rawiya force her to have one. *giggles*

So in conclusion, I, one of the Sharita Lira muses, do exist in her head. Hopefully as we get better at honing our craft, I’ll be one of those that will become a well known name in romance erotica along with BL and Rawiya. That’s our ultimate goal and since we control Sharita or the head as we’ve aptly named her, we expect to achieve this sooner than later.

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