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Saturday Sips - Vertigo - Michael Mandrake

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Today I'm presenting a little from my next novella, Vertigo which is the long version of the short on the Riding the Rocket anthology.

I sis a sip on it here before edits. Now that its gone through my editor and on to the proofreader, we have a much improved books.

Here is the blurb

After losing his lover to mental disorder, Dr. Hayden Curry throws himself into work, silently wishing he could experience something extraordinary in love. He finds his match in David, a creature Hayden revives after discovering him and hauling him back to his lab. Upon awakening, David asks Dr. Hayden’s help in discovering more about himself. Hayden agrees but senses secrets in David. Will he get to the bottom of things and be able to continue the special relationship he and David have, or will the secrets that come forward tear them apart?

Here is a little from the story

After around the fifteenth trial of not receiving my desired result, I retreated to my bedroom to sleep. Unlike times before, I decided not to read before bed but instead lay there until my eyes got too heavy.
I hoped the nightmares would not start again since after they occurred I stayed awake staring at the ceilings of my room, often needing a drink of the alcoholic variety to put me to rest. I felt myself becoming rather dependent on the beverages. Certainly, doing this sort of thing would cloud my senses and not allow me to function properly. Many men of science I knew had become like this and I refused to become one of them.
I’ll never.
I always reassured myself that I wouldn’t continue to down this dangerous path, however, everyday, being alone with only yourself to talk with could be a detriment to one’s mental state.
Although fully capable of doing everyday things, I’d come to accept that I was different. After all, for one, I wasn’t attracted to women. Two, I enjoyed reading more than being outside playing in games.
In fact my mom would frequently say that she wished I’d be like “normal” boys and go play ball instead of reading. This from the same woman who didn’t know how to read until after she birthed me. With the help of my caregiver, I taught myself how to read the written word thus showed my mum in the process. Still, even afterwards, she didn’t consider it as an important skill. “I’ve always had people to do things like read for me,” she said, giving illiteracy credence. Totally absurd but true.
If I wasn’t able to read and learn I might die.
Such is true of me, Doctor Hayden Curry. I preferred to have my mind stimulated before anything else. This isn’t saying that I didn’t enjoy the sins of the flesh because I did, but, books were like gold to me, more important than any penny I owned. I’d inherited most of it which allowed me to live the lavish lifestyle and work on experiments instead of seeing patients to cure their ailments. I wasn’t interested in short term solutions anyway. I wanted results that could change the world and mankind forever.
After removing my clothes, I moved the coverings on the bed and sat on the cottony mattress. I shivered and my toes curled at the feeling of the chill from the surface. Once I got situated, I diffused the gas light and turned onto my side. I closed my eyes tightly, attempting to forget my failed experiments and loneliness to get much needed rest.
Surely, they wouldn’t be moving alone without me. Sometimes I wished they would.
The following day, I dressed and ate, following the same routine until I strolled to my laboratory. As I suspected, my vials were still in the same place as my books as I’d left them. The place was slightly in disarray or an organized mess as I called it. Thankfully, Libertina always helped me with things like this since I wasn’t the tidiest person in the world. What on earth would I do without her?
I had mixed samples and looked over notes until the wee hours of the evening with no successful things to report. Just as I felt myself weary from the overanalyzing, that blasted thing called the telephone interrupted me.  
"Dr. Hayden Curry here." I answered and wiped my brow with my handkerchief.
A person from the city morgue called and spoke of something I should come have a look at in Tralfalgar.
I placed the receiver back on the handle and thought about the description I just heard. The man on the line said it looked like a cross between a human and an animal.
There had been reports of such beings around the area, but I never took any of them that seriously; too busy trying to come up with the next great discovery.
"Libertina, Liber…" Before I had finished my sentence, she walked back in carrying my hat and topcoat.
"Your things sir. The carriage is waiting for you. Here is your scarf as well. It's a bit chilly out in the night air." She put on my neck accessory.
"How did you?" I slipped into my coat.
She smiled widely, putting my hat on top of my long mane. "I heard the phone, sir. I take it you have another interesting request by the tone of your voice?"
"Yes I do, Libertina. Keep supper warm for me. I'm not sure when I will be back." I grabbed my cane.
"Yes sir, I'll leave it on the burner." Again, she bowed before marching to the doors of my laboratory and opening them.

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