Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome Kharisma Rayne

Good morning! Welcome to Michael's where I'm happy to have on my boss at No Boundaries Press who is also a writer herself, Kharisma Rayne. *nervous* Anyway, she has a hot book coming out and she'd here to sit down with me. 

Please enjoy this interview!

What made you decide that you wanted to put yourself out there to publish? I’m not really sure. I’d been writing forever and always enjoyed it. One day I just took something I had and sent it off to several publishers (assuming everyone would say no).
Would you ever write a hetero romance?  Yes. Why or why not? Because I have (and do) :D I love writing and reading everything. I just can’t seem to restrict my imagination to one genre.
What is your opinion on the “chicks with dicks” analogy? In your opinion, is it wrong for your males to be emotional or romantic? I like my men to be men. Most aren’t overly mushy or romantic, but it does come out here and there. After all, everyone seems to enjoy the love at first sight or the *earth moved when he saw “other character name”*
I’m of the opinion that erotica doesn’t have to be real all the time to make a good story, what are your thoughts? I agree. Sometimes imagination is the best way. Besides, we all want to escape reality now and then. Vampires and Shapeshifters, etc – give us that option, with ideas of men we normally wouldn’t find at the grocery store.
What are you working on now? I think the easier question is what am I not? I have several series’ that are m/f that I’m working on. Several that are m/m, one that is fmm and still others that will combine a lot of m/f with a lot of m/m within the same work (as well as also including mfffff and so on).They cover all the genres too (well, all right, maybe not all of them)…contemporary, Viking, Highlander, Native American and so on. Some are erotic, some are romance, some are BDSM :D
When creating your characters, do you have models in mind or are they totally fictional? Generally mine are totally fictional. I get this idea in my mind on who they are, what they do, how they look. Then I have a very difficult time straying from the image in my mind (as generally there’s no 100% fitting cover model)
Do you believe it’s important for you to know the gender of the author? No, if I like the writing, I don’t care if a purple, pink and orange mutant with 13 horns wrote it.
 (If female)As a fellow fem in the genre, what is your stance on the difference between male and female gay writers? I really don’t think there is one. I think it’s the writing, the style and the quality that speaks more than if the person writing it is male or female.
*What is your stance on issues in society like same sex marriage, DOMA, etc? I fully back anything that doesn’t harm anyone else (or that’s illegal). Happiness is so hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find it…you should be able to express it (marriage, etc).
*As an m/m romance author or gay fiction author, should there be more m/m or gay YA novels? Why or why not? Yes, there should be. Avoiding it won’t fix any issues they think they’re fixing. People are who they are. No Boundaries Press is bringing a YA Gay line that they hope becomes active. Teens already have so much to deal with. These books may assist them in being comfortable with who they are.
*As an m/m romance or gay fiction writer, what stereotype of gay men bothers you the most? That they can “fix” themselves and become “straight.”

Fun questions pick at least 3
Do you feel that celebs who are gay or bi should come out the closet? They should be out of the closet. There’s no need, celeb or not, to have to hide who you really are.
*Are you tired of Lady Gaga yet? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Did I say yes?
For the men in your books, commando or underwear? Underwear
Favorite character in one of your books? Kieran. He tries so hard to make everyone else happy that he eventually needs to escape everyone. Some days, I can totally relate.

Buy Link: (don’t have the direct link until it’s released in Jan): http://noboundariespressstore.com/

Nigel is a professional sports player with a wonderful boyfriend at home. Their sex is always hot and Lance is always willing to do whatever it takes to keep Nigel happy. But, what has Nigel been hiding?

He grabbed Lance’s arm, “Lance, come on. Let’s just try to enjoy the rest of our day.” He let his other hand slide down his back and onto his ass.
            As much as Lance tried not to respond, he knew fighting it was useless. Every time Nigel touched him his mind turned into much and his cock got hard. All he could think about was having him.
            Giving in, he pushed himself against Nigel, feeling his arousal against his own. He heard a gasp as Nigel leaned over and brushed his lips against his. Realizing it was him that made the sound he knew, without a doubt, their conversation was over.
            As Nigel felt Lance’s body relax, he knew they could enjoy the rest of their day. They could now enjoy each other.
            It felt like forever had passed since they were in each other’s arms last night. Surprisingly, the longer they were together, nothing ever got old. Everything stayed new. Nigel desired Lance as much now as he did the first day they met.
            Reaching to the back of his shirt, Nigel pulled it over his head and let it fall to the floor.
Instantly Lance latched onto a pierced nipple with his mouth. He loved Nigel’s bad boy look, the long hair, the pierced nipples and cock, the tattoos. It’s what made Nigel stand out. He had first been attracted to him when he saw the huge dragon tattoo that spanned across his back. Well, the muscles didn’t hurt anything either.
He ran his hand down Nigel’s muscular abs and heard him moan as his hand grazed the top of his cock. Urged on by the sound, Lance unfastened Nigel’s jeans, pulling them down as he dropped to his knees in front of him.


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