Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Taboo!

When does a writer celebrate their blogs birthday? When its been super successful in getting the word out about books.

I was too busy writing to write something about the first birthday, still trying to build a little following.

Well, I have a little following and of course I'm trying to get better at writing and keep the readers interested.

In my opinion, that's maintained when you speak to readers and let them into your world. Blogging is part of that and here at Michael's, I've let you in on mine and many other authors.

I hope you've enjoyed that too.

Thanks so much for all the comments and views and I'll continue to do my best to bring guests, promo a little, and give opportunities for contests to win swag, ebooks, and gift cards.

To celebrate, why don't we do that throughout the weekend?

Leave me a comment about your favourite blogpost here at Taboo. It could be me or a guest.
I'll hand out some swag and thrown in a copy of Michael's new book, Under the Gun 

I'll run this through next Friday!

Thanks so much again and I hope you keep reading.

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