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Saturday Sip - Vertigo 2 Devotion

Morning, and happy Saturday. Here is a little from Vertigo 2 Devotion where hot Jason Momoa is my muse!

Being a demon is so much sexier!

Jessie Jinx desires something new and different in his life. He’s obsessed with demonology, Satanism, as well as the teachings of LaVey and Crowley. Through his art, his music and his choice if reading material, he’s channeling a demon and isn’t even aware of it.

Enter in David, Hayden Curry’s lover who convinced him to give up his life to walk eternally until their destruction. Lucifer has a job for him, to bring in a new follower into the mix because he is pleased with his work. The devil doesn’t verbalize this to David and instead, causes him to have these intense sexual experiences with someone other than Hayden. Finally, the evil lord makes him go to New Orleans, Louisiana, the place where many magics and evils of hoodoo voodoo dwell in search of the devil’s new protégé. Upon meeting him, Jessie becomes fascinated with David and Hayden, thus making Dr. Curry very jealous.

Jessie wants to be with them completely, despite the fact it means his mortal life but he has a connection to David and Hayden’s pasts that might keep them apart. What will the three do to solve it?

“Hey, listen, it’s my art okay? I understand I might’ve gotten a little carried away!” Jessie tried his best to explain it to the arresting officer who sat behind a desk at the New Orleans police station, precinct nineteen. Damnit he knew he should’ve kept his dick to himself. That girl! Fuckin’ women will get you in trouble each and every time.
The officer gave him a pitiful glare and straightened the papers on his desk. “Jessie, we’ve told you, time and time again to keep yourself clothed. You can’t go around whippin’ your junk out in front of audiences no matter how artistic you may think it is. Now, I’m sorry, as much as I like ya’ as a person, I gotta book ya’ for indecent exposure and because this is a repeat offense…”
“Officer, wait a moment. That won’t be necessary.” A voice from out of nowhere came and the cop named Brimley as well as Jessie turned to look to their right.
In came the beautiful woman from the show, holding her purse tightly in her leather gloved hands. Everyone in that office went silent, looking at the beautiful lady with paled skin and ebony tresses strolling towards Brimley’s desk.
Both Brimley and Jessie got up from their seats. “Um, ma’am I…” The policeman looked as if were entranced.
Jessie’s eyes bulged. She was even more gorgeous and sexy in regular light. A long black dress that flowed to her ankles, all lacey with low cut at the bosom to display that work of art on her chest. Her ebony dark hair pinned in a bun with tight curls that hung from the edges. A red heart dipped into her cleavage. Jessie suddenly felt the urge to taste her right then and there.
“No need. I have his bail money right here.” She pulled out a wad of cash that looked to be hundreds. This should cover it all right?” Slowly she licked her ruby red lips and flashed a wicked grin. The singer wondered had she enjoyed his offering from earlier? Due to the cops grabbing him offstage, he couldn’t stick around to find out.
“Um, I…yeah,” Brimley nervously chuckled and pulled out his keys to release the cuffs.
Jessie couldn’t believe what was happening. A tantalizing and delicious creature he didn’t even know, getting him out on bail? Who was this woman? Better yet, what did she do for a living so he could change girlfriends? Most of what Jessie owned was either given to or bought for him. His art and music he did for almost pennies earned him just enough pennies to buy more supplies, beer, and drugs or his other love, reading about the occult. He used his good looks and sexual wiles with women and men to get the necessities. Jessie Jinx didn’t directly work for anyone and wouldn’t no matter what.
“Thank you very much,” she purred and bowed her head slightly forward. “Come Jessie, we have things to do.”
We do? The artist rubbed his sore wrists before picking up his top hat from the desk. “Um, yeah, uh, thanks darlin’ and um, officers, have a good one,” he drawled and tipped his cap.  He followed her out the office, feeling the eyes from every direction drawn on the lovely lady that released him. Seemingly she didn’t really walk out, more like glided out the place onto the steps. When they got outside, she turned to him and kissed his mouth long and hard making his cock instantly take notice. “Mhmm…baby, thank you.”
Again, she covered his lips with hers and pulled onto his jacket to keep him still. “Just stay out of trouble and know that I’m watching your every move,” she snarled and quickly skipped down the stairs, away from Jessie despite his cries.
“Wait! I wanna know more, damnit!” In desperation, he held out one of his hands while the other held onto his hat. Wanting to inquire about the girl, he tried running after her but in the blink of an eye she was gone. “Who are you, beautiful?”

Have you checked out book one? If not here it is:



After losing his lover to mental disorder, Dr. Hayden Curry throws himself into work, silently wishing he could experience something extraordinary in love. He finds his match in David, a creature Hayden revives after discovering him and hauling him back to his lab. Upon awakening, David asks Dr. Hayden’s help in discovering more about himself. Hayden agrees but senses secrets in David. Will he get to the bottom of things and be able to continue the special relationship he and David have, or will the secrets that come forward tear them apart?

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