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Saturday Sips Vertigo 2 - Devotion

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How about a new sip from Vertigo 2, Devotion? I'm loving this story about David, Hayden's demon and his new mission he's been given by Lu to test his loyalty. Contrary to what the meter says, I'm 19k plus into the tale and am looking to finish first draft by end of this week. 

Here is a brief synopsis

Being a demon is so much sexier!

Jessie Jinx desires something new and different in his life. He’s obsessed with demonology, Satanism, as well as the teachings of LaVey and Crowley. Through his art, his music and his choice if reading material, he’s channeling a demon and isn’t even aware of it.

Enter in David, Hayden Curry’s lover who convinced him to give up his life to walk eternally until their destruction. Lucifer has a job for him, to bring in a new follower into the mix because he is pleased with his work. The devil doesn’t verbalize this to David and instead, causes him to have these intense sexual experiences with someone other than Hayden. Finally, the evil lord makes him go to New Orleans, Louisiana, the place where many magics and evils of hoodoo voodoo dwell in search of the devil’s new protégé. Upon meeting him, Jessie becomes fascinated with David and Hayden, thus making Dr. Curry very jealous.

Jessie wants to be with them completely, despite the fact it means his mortal life but he has a connection to David and Hayden’s pasts that might keep them apart. What will the three do to solve it?

Now, an unedited excerpt. In this scene, David is waking from a dream that leaves him in a cold sweat. Dr. Curry has just the right medicine. ;)

London, England Curry Manor 2011

“Ugh!” David jolted and his eyes immediately flung open. Clinging to the sheets with his long fingers, his nails dug into the mattress, poking holes there as the adrenaline pumped through him like a bad drug. He tried his best to regulate his breathing which quickly turned to pants while his cock hardened in his pants. “What the hell is happening to me, Lu? What are you doing?” He’d been having these sexy dreams for days now that didn’t include his beloved Hayden. His ruler, the devil Lu, didn’t have the answers for him. In answer to his inquiries, he said, “Figure it out for yourself!”
“But I can’t…you’re all knowing my dark lord.” To him he was. Lu had been more than just a ruler and father unlike that other deity he used to serve. Rather, the dark one always had his best interest at heart and for that David was forever grateful. Not in the many years he’d roamed the earth did he feel remorse for denouncing the so called almighty. David had found his true calling now as a full evil immortal, working with Lu and his army of demons. In truth, Hayden and David weren’t part of the havoc wreakers, instead, the walkers that searched the world for followers and or new disciples to join in the fight that would be waged at the end of time.
However, right now, his “savior” was playing with his mind. Not telling him why he’d been thinking of some human dressed in funny garb and wearing corpse paint in the states. After these visions ended, he’d be so aroused, he ended up ravaging Hayden, at times clawing his body so badly, he’d have scratches on him after they finished that needed healing.
This hunger would definitely need Hayden to satisfy it and David didn’t dare tell his lover of his visions. Why, the last time he even mentioned looking in the direction of another man Hayden became enraged and didn’t speak or touch him for a full forty-eight earthly hours.
“Jeez, what the hell!” David wiped his brow of the huge amounts of sweat and tugged at his crotch. “I need my baby! Where is he?” His eyes darted around the bedroom he and Hayden shared. The same one he used to sleep in a little over a hundred years ago until the good doctor “fell” to his death. Their immortal existence hadn’t been the same since but David wouldn’t change a thing and he thought neither would his lovely companion.
“Lover, you summoned?” As if he were part of a dream, Doctor Curry glided through the walls, dressed in the same suit he wore at his burial. An all black outfit, cufflinks on his wrists and the tie dipping low on his chest. Fitted slacks that hugged his small behind and boots with small heels, studded around the ankles adorned his feet. Dark luminous curls of crimson and brown cascaded down his back and shoulders, his hazel eyes gleamed in the sunlight, quickly changing to bright red flames. “You want me in bed again, don’t you!” He cocked an eyebrow.
“Aye, my love. It’s the dreams of…my obsession with you. They’re coming to me like a thief in the night. The visions of you…above me, pummeling me into the mattress wreak havoc on my brain and my body cries out for you to fulfill my desires.”
Hayden clicked his heels and grinned evilly before proceeding next to the bed. “Aw, my darling, you say the sweetest things. I wish to make every one of those dreams come true.” Slowly he pulled the tie apart to loosen the tightness on his neck. He unbuttoned the top of his shirt, revealing the scar that remained on his throat from that fateful accident. Continuing his task, he removed it quickly. His chest heaved and the definition in his muscles showed. Hayden couldn’t be called a lanky weakling anymore. In the time he’d been with David, he became stronger physically and mentally. In fact, David and Hayden had switched the roles with the good Doctor taking control in their relationship, much different from the first couple of years of their committed time together.
Still, David had the mental edge, able to keep his thoughts hidden from his lover about certain things; this adulterous affair in the brain being one of them. “Yes…” Aroused beyond belief, his eyes followed Hayden’s.
The former coroner unbuckled his belt and his slacks dropped to a pool around his ankles.
David smiled and moistened his lips, gazing at his partner’s hardened muscle, leaking the liquids of his desire. His own groin filled quickly and the tip of his erection throbbing, pulsating. “Hayden…you…”
“Mhmm…” In a couple of minutes, he was fully bare in front of him and hovered over David, looking deeply into his blue pools. “You are…”
“Mine…I could not love any other.” David gripped onto the sides of the bed, waiting for his lover to cuff and restrain him as he liked.
“And you won’t,” he hissed while clasping his wrists into the black bands. “Never…ever…again!”

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