Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 1

Alrighty then. 

I love doing free reads so I'm joining Julie Lynn Hayes crew on the Wednesday Briefs.

No worries, I'll still do the Wow as well to point back to Menspirations. 


This Wednesday, is the first one and my fellow muse had an awesomely funny little story to share so I''ll let her have the floor. 

#1 Prompts, French kiss, French Fries, French Lingerie *winks*
An M/M Writers Dream

Settling in my comfortable seat in front of the television, I feasted my eyes on the hottest movie that wasn’t porn that I could find. “A little homoerotica always gets him hot!” I dipped my fingers into the white bag, pulling out my favorite snack, salted French Fries drowned in hot sauce. “Mhmm…” The smell infiltrated my nostrils, making my mouth water and eyes bulge. “God, how I love fries.”

“I know you do! That’s why I bought them.” Marquis sat down next to me, wearing my black French cut underwear and a wifebeater to match.

“God you look so hot right now, baby!” Feverishly, I kissed him, plunging my tongue deep into his mouth. Damn did this man know how to French kiss like a pro! While still enjoying his lips, I reached down between his muscular legs, rubbing his hardened cock through the black lacey underwear. The head strained against the material, filled with precum I’m sure would’ve tasted almost as good as my favorite treat. “Mhmm, maybe we should skip the movie for right now.”

“Maybe,” he purred and outlined my mouth with his pierced tongue.

Fully aroused, I sensed my nipples perking up under my bra and moisture formed on the inside of my thighs. The movie didn’t seem all that important anymore but the lingering scent of my fries stayed on my brain.

The man or the fries?

“Shar…my lovely. I’m ready for you to take charge!” A wicked grin appeared on his handsome face. Tantalizing me, he held up a vibrator with the three speeds; fast, really fast, and really fucking quick. How could I turn that down for a bag of thousand calorie fries?

I'll leave you there and come back next week. LMAO!

Here are the other authors participating!

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Elyzabeth VaLey m/f

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MC Houle m/m


Sara York said...

Great flash. Yes, how could you turn him down. You have to do the man first.

ashlynn monroe said...

LOL! Just say no to trans fat! Can we say HOT!

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

OMG, how can you not love a man that gets hot for homoerotica? Does he have an older brother? lol

Great flash, and welcome to the fold!

Heehee, I didn't mean that to come out like that, see where you've put my brain!

BLMorticia said...

Thanks everyone! Im making the rounds when I get home. BL is nuts!

Victoria Blisse said...

Great Characters! Love how you captured them in so few words.

MA Church said...

Okay, that was totally hot! *waves hand in front of face*


Talismania said...

Oh my gosh, this was such fun! Just like a bite of French fries with hot sauce. :)

M-C. Houle said...

Welcome in the group. It was a really great story. I love the utilisation of the prompts.

BLMorticia said...


Thanks so much for stopping in!

BLMorticia said...

TY Ashlynn

BL just loved it and jumped at it!

BLMorticia said...


LOL I know right? He really is a dream man!

BLMorticia said...

Thanks Victoria

When I do these I try to write in as few words as possible. I like this plot bunny though.

BLMorticia said...


TY so much!


BLMorticia said...


Thanks so much. BL is nuts

BLMorticia said...


TY so much. I love doing free reads. This is fun. I look forward to participating!

AJ said...

Hot! That's all I can say. Awesome job!!