Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 2

Hi again! I'm doing the Wednesday Briefs and allowing BL to finish her little tale! Hope you like it!

#2 I thought I knew him when he… An M/M writers dream part 2

What a fucking dilemma!

Still in between decisions, I glanced at the fries and the small smoke clouds rising from them. They were still hot even after sitting there on the table fro several minutes. My mouth salivated at the sight but damn I'd be foolish not to take advantage of this kind of opportunity. 

Marquis slid the sexy underwear from his waist and began stroking his hardened erection, giving me the come hither look. “Shar, I’m hungry for you now. The fries can wait till later.”

He’s right they will, his erection won't! “Yeah I suppose so. Let me get a good look at you!” I turned my attention to his throbbing cock, leaking pre passion juice. He’d already set the vibe on really fucking fast and teased his tight hole with the curved head.

“Holy shit…” I licked my lips, enjoying the show he was putting on. The floodgates had already burst in between my thighs and now it was just a matter of how quickly we could come together. “Mmhmm, Marquis. You’re every woman’s dream. I’m a lucky bitch to have you!”

He gave a soft smile that could light up a small room. Seemingly in ecstasy, he closed his eyes and leaned back on the cushions of the sofa. Marquis pressed the head of the fake dick inside his orifice.

Not able to withstand anymore, I took my place on top of his hardened muscle and eased my way down until he was fully inside of me. Short gasps escaped my mouth and my nipples turned hard as pebbles. “Ooh God, yes baby. I’m enjoying this!” Funny, I thought I knew Marquis to be a totally straight man but obviously, with the toys he likes to play with that isn’t totally the case.

*giggles* Ah BL, you're too funny! Here are the other flashers!


Talismania said...

One thing for sure, BL is fun! :)

ashlynn monroe said...
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ashlynn monroe said...

Auto correct sucks on my iPad lol! Okay, the comment should say...Hot, even if the fries get cold!

Nephylim said...

Ooooh hot sweet and sexy. Who gives a damn about fries where there's hot dogs on the menu

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

They could always eat while they fuck lol

Very hot, BL!