Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Sips - Vertigo 2 Devotion

Greetings. Happy late Saturday! How about  a sip for this evening?

Here is some more from my sequel to Vertigo, Devotion.

Being a demon is so much sexier!

Jessie Jinx desires something new and different in his life. He’s obsessed with demonology, Satanism, as well as the teachings of LaVey and Crowley. Through his art, his music and his choice if reading material, he’s channeling a demon and isn’t even aware of it.

Enter in David, Hayden Curry’s lover who convinced him to give up his life to walk eternally until their destruction. Lucifer has a job for him, to bring in a new follower into the mix because he is pleased with his work. The devil doesn’t verbalize this to David and instead, causes him to have these intense sexual experiences with someone other than Hayden. Finally, the evil lord makes him go to New Orleans, Louisiana, the place where many magics and evils of hoodoo voodoo dwell in search of the devil’s new protégé. Upon meeting him, Jessie becomes fascinated with David and Hayden, thus making Dr. Curry very jealous.

Jessie wants to be with them completely, despite the fact it means his mortal life but he has a connection to David and Hayden’s pasts that might keep them apart. What will the three do to solve it?

In this scene, David and Hayden have a heart to heart about their relationship

The sun shone through the windows, causing David to wince and rub his eyes. “Ughh…moving day I suppose.” Although it always excited him to begin a new mission, this one didn’t exactly make him jump for joy. He knew it necessary to prove his loyalty to Luc so he’d go through it regardless. Still, being around the singer, Jessie Jinx left him unsettled and worried.
Not wanting to get up, he turned around slowly to look at his partner sleeping next to him. His eyes roamed the pale, slender body, so lean and beautiful in all the right places. A hint of moisture glistened on his back, down to the crack of his buttocks and David crouched over to trace that line of wetness with his mouth. “Salty and sweet,” he whispered and made a small trail of kisses around Harden’s tribal ink on his lower back. Once David moved the bed covering, he continued to go lower on his body with nips and pecs. With each spot his tasted, his morning wood got more uncomfortable to bear. “I love you, Hayden. Never will I desire another the way I do you.”
“Mhmmm…” Only slightly, he moved under David’s touches until he shifted around fully to face him.
Again, David took in the essence that was Doctor Hayden Curry; the front of his body just as delicious as the backside. Taut muscles in his arms and abs, with a light smattering of hair that started between his pecs and led down to his crotch. On his shoulders, colorful artwork of a ferocious tiger on his left, while on the right a hooded figure with Latin writing underneath. Despite his proper English, Hayden had become very worldly just as David had, changing with the times as they should’ve. Often, he worried that the old coroner wouldn’t adapt to living in times nothing like his own but thankfully he was presently surprised. “Good morning, Hayden.”
His lover sat up on his elbows and lifted one legs up, causing the sheet to fall away from his body. “Mornin’ lover. How did ya’ sleep?”
David grinned, admiring his lover’s accent which seemed to improve overnight. He took Hayden’s hand inside his own and lifted it to his lips. “Very well, baby. Betta than I have in weeks.”
“Really? Why is that, David? What’s been causin’ my man to stay up late at night?” The Doctor returned the smile and his hazel eyes already turned from their light green hue to a shade matching his own.
“I’m…um…” This sudden move made him lose focus. With each passing day, David could tell how good Hayden was becoming at reading his mind. “Alright, fine!” Knowing he couldn’t keep the truth from his man any longer, he kissed the back of his palm and breathed in the musky scent of his flesh. Ashamed about his dreams, he looked away from him. Tears began to run down his cheeks. “Forgive me, lover. My mind hasn’t been right for so many days. I’ve…” The guilt rose inside of him, acting as a noose around his neck. He struggled to find the words. “I’ve been thinking of the human, a lot. The visions of him having sex and performing have caused me great distress. Please, please forgive me Hayden. I don’t love him and never will. It was only my heart and cock betraying me.”
Hayden nodded, kept the grin, and traced the moisture running from his lids. “I know, mon chere. I’ll neva question yo affection fo me.”
In disbelief, David shook his head. “But I promised not to keep secrets or lie to you again when we made our commitment after your burial. Remember? And please, you can talk to me in our speech now. The act is only necessary when we’re around Jessie.”
The Doctor tilted his head to the right. “Nah, can’t do that if I wanna get used to the role I’m playin’, babe. Look ‘ere, I’m sho it’s a reason fo what you dreamt ‘bout, right? Ya’ wasn’t doin’ this on ya’ own accord. No reason to get upset, David. We’ll always be together David. Foeva.”
Quickly he nodded in agreement, enjoying the feeling of Hayden’s hand on his face. Still, his nonchalant attitude about David’s mind adultery bothered him. “I…Hayden…”
“Shhh…” He got up and covered his lips with his own. “There there, mah David, my precious love.” Hayden pulled him in and stroked the back of his head, fondling his curls. “I’ll neva have the same feelings for anyone but you and I know you feel the same, sugah but I also know we’ll always be lookin’ at otha’ good lookin’ men too.”
David gripped onto Hayden tightly, still upset over their conversation. He never wanted to love anyone but Hayden and he’d continue to feel that way despite what Luc had in store. “What if he requires us to do something else?”
“Then we do it but the feelin’s won’t be there, will they? None of that’ll change, right chere? All that mattas is the emotions you got fo me, love.”
True. “Yes, I’ll never have that for anyone else. I only love you Hayden and won’t do anything to anyone unless it’s required.”
“Mah man, I believe ya. No worries there, alright?” Hayden pulled away and gazed into David’s eyes. He took his face into his soft hands and softly kissed his lips. “I love ya’ David. Neva will that change. Eva.”

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