Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 6

Good morning! Here is my Wednesday brief, a little more from my unfinished WIP, the Professor using this weeks prompt, "Is that what you think of me?"

Psych came to an end and many of the ladies were in front of Parker’s desk just talking to him about nothing. Jelani sat in the first chair and waited his turn while looking over his own drawings. He’d overheard the crazy comments. Openly, they gave their phone numbers while offering to take Parker out to dinner. He didn’t accept any of them, giving the excuse he didn’t fraternize socially with students.
This raised an eyebrow for Jelani. He hoped the man wasn’t very interested in women. Still, he felt the plan he had in mind would work despite the Professor's remarks.
After several minutes, he finally asked them to leave. Once he closed the door, he shook his head and rolled his eyes, seemingly annoyed by all the absurd requests. “Sorry about that,” he grinned. The smile grew wider when he pointed to the book Jelani held in his hands. “I see you remembered.”
“Yeah, yeah, I did. It’s really the first time anyone has really taken an interest in my art.”
Jelani got up from the desk and took one of the chairs nearest to Parker. “Although I don’t really mention it much but…” he bit his lip. “People aren’t all that interested in what I do outside basketball anyway.”
Looking behind the professor’s short stands of brown hair, he tilted his head. Cooper noticed two small gold hoops through his ears. What did that mean? Could it be a small sign that the professor had a wild streak? Hope so. “Um, so…you seem to be popular already with the ladies.”
"Is that what you think of me? A lady killer? Far from it young man. I'm about as interesting as a cardboard cutout. If I accepted the ladies advances..." Parker continued to talk and Jelani seemed to get lost in that hot British accent. How he'd love to listen to that at night.
Jelani blinked and continued to eye the Professor, watching his lips move as he talked. 
Parker glanced at the drawings. “I’m just not all that interested. I really don’t feel comfortable being around students in a social manner. It starts rumors and besides, this is only a temporary job. I’m only here till June.”
Jelani raised an eyebrow at the comment. “You mean, you won’t take the position if Dr. Tinley retires?” Jelani wrung his hands out of the sight of his desired. The statement from Parker jarred him.  I might be gone to the NBA anyway.
“No, most likely not. I don’t really like being tied down to any job.” Slowly he crossed his legs. Jelani eyed every movement with interest. “These are really good, Jelani Cooper. You’re very good at it. This one’s my favorite.” While he turned it around, he had his finger on a picture of Iron Man.
“Oh yeah,” he chuckled. “I loved Iron Man too. I drew that, years ago though.”
“You're really talented and since you love drawing, an animator would be the perfect career for you. You could do digital animation as well. There’s always a need for animators in movies, TV, books. What's your major?”
“Um,” Jelani rubbed his neck and sighed. The right answer would be basketball and sex but in reality, “Communication Design with a minor in English.”
“Fantastic." Parker shifted in his seat and sat the book down on his desk. "However, from what I’ve heard you’re just barely getting by, Jelani. Your marks are very important if you want to obtain gainful employment. As we talked about yesterday, you can’t rest your laurels on the fact you’ll make it to the NBA. C’s and D’s with a GPA of 2.0 won’t get you a great job my friend.”
“Yeah, I know. I wanna get better. I do have a couple of tutors.”
Too bad they do my work for me.
“Are they helping any?” Parker raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah, somewhat. I mean, some of this stuff I just don’t get, you know? It takes me a little longer than it should. I’m not sayin’ I’m dumb... I’m just not grasping it that quickly.” Jelani leaned forward and looked straight ahead.
“I see. Well, I could offer to help you. Since I’m new here and I don’t really know your work habits...what you understand or not, I may be of better assistance. It’s a possibility your other instructors and tutors are only giving you the required info so you’ll pass and nothing more. Are they really asking you for your best? Are they really pushing you to do better?”
 “No, I don’t think they are,” he responded frankly, “And I suppose I really haven’t taken an interest in it because, my biggest thing has always been playing basketball.”
“And that my good man needs to change.” Parker stood and placed a firm hand on Jelani’s shoulder.
Jelani felt his cock twitch in his trousers and his nipples harden from that slight touch. He breathed a small sigh and balled his fists together, trying to control himself. Jelani couldn't let on to Parker how much he aroused him.
“Yeah, I…” he managed to choke out and clear his throat. “I do. Will you help me with that?”
“Yes, of course I will.” Parker strolled in the other direction. He turned around to face him once more. “On one condition though. You have to listen to me and when it’s time to study, you must be there regardless. I’ll need your schedule so it won’t interfere with basketball practice.”
Jelani nodded and met Parker’s gaze. The hardened length in his pants was still stiff from the professor gripping his shoulders. “Don’t worry about that. I plan on giving you my undivided attention regardless of what I have going on. I’m more concerned with my grades right now and actually learning something.”
As well as becoming your own personal student and lover.

* * * *

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MA Church said...

Oh, he's just plotting up a storm, isn't he, lol. You know what they say about the best laid plans... hehe.

Love this story and can't wait for more.


Nephylim said...

How interesting :) I love the whole prof/student thing.