Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 9

Ack. This story really wants me to get back to it but Closely Guarded needs finishing!

Lets use the prompt, "Cracking the Whip."

Macaulay cackled like a hen and turned back around to ogle his student. “What an idiot! He’s given me the ammunition I need to get him in a shitload of trouble,” he laughed. “Jelani…”
Jelani breathed a sigh of relief. He stood up from the desk and clenched his fists. “Goddamn you, Parker! Why did you do that? You rubbed my shoulders in front of coach. You almost made me lose it,” he snarled. It felt great but damn he really pushed him to the brink.
“Whoa, whoa, my dear.” He spun on his heels and locked the door. Parker grit his teeth and tilted his head, narrowing his eyes. “First of all, lower your voice when you speak to me. Second, I did it to test your will power and I’ll continue to do it to make sure you can handle being in a closeted relationship.”
Jelani softened his stance. “Professor, I…can handle that but damn,” he chuckled nervously.
Professed exhaled, giving Jelani a blank look. “I don’t know if you can, Jelani. I don’t think we can do this after all.” He strolled to the other side of the room and looked out the window.
Jelani watched Parker turn his back on him.
Fuck, I pissed him off.
The student concluded this would be an interesting experience. Parker wanted more than just sex, he demanded respect. 
He likes to crack that whip! Do it baby! 
“Shit! No, look, Parker,” he ran to his side and grabbed his hand. “I’m sorry, man. I do want this, I can handle it. I lost my head. I shouldn’t have said that but, damn, I was scared as shit, that’s all. I’m sorry, okay? Forgive me.” He rubbed the Professor’s back though his suit jacket.
Parker faced him again. “Then you’ll keep your cool and not fly off the handle. Remember, who you’re speaking to when you talk to me, my friend. I will not tolerate that attitude! Do I make myself clear?”
Jelani smiled wryly and put his hand on Parker’s chest. “Yes Sir, I do. I better know who’s in charge, huh?” He rubbed the man’s nipples though the soft fabric. There was something there, metal like a…
Oh shit!
Did he just feel a nipple ring? He continued massaging it and grinned.
“Mhmm,” Parker moaned. “I think before we leave you need to know the rules. It’ll give you a chance to decide to either stay involved or back out. Whatever happens, I hope we can remain friends.”
“What?” That statement raised his curiosities. Parker kept mentioning the rules. What did he mean by that? Earlier, he assumed Parker kidded about the rules but seemingly he meant it.
“Jelani, we have rules in this…little tryst. I refuse to call it a relationship just yet because I don’t want to be tied down. Now, what I mean is, if you are to be with me then there are certain things that’ll make our encounters worthwhile and if you keep me intrigued and entertained, there will be a chance for more at the end. I want you, Jelani just as you want me but if we’re to try this we will do it on my terms. As you stated, I’m in charge of what happens, I control how slowly or quickly we proceed. We do it when I want to and not when you want and if I put my hands on you at any time it is because I’m claiming what’s mine for now. Never place a hand on me unless you ask permission. When in the company of others, you are not allowed to do it at all and, if you do break the rules, there will be punishment.” Parker gave a sly smile. “I’m a Dom, Jelani. I used to own subs of both genders when you were still in diapers.” He unbuckled his pants and pulled down his slacks along with his boxers, revealing a nicely sized cock pierced at the pink tip.
Jelani’s mouth dropped open and he ogled the beautiful muscle once again. He never saw it coming from the professor. A Dom, in other words, a controller, a teacher, someone that would whip him into shape. The student wanted him something fierce but could he handle asking permission all the time to touch him? What was the punishment?
Withholding sex?
“Damn, baby. I…” he gulped hard. “I would’ve never guessed. I…wow,” he licked his lips. “Can I…”
“Yes,” he hissed. “Do it gently. Only for a few seconds then we need to leave,” he demanded.
Well shit.
Cooper took the vessel into his palm and stroked it once. He wanted to drop to his knees right then but this wasn’t the place. He’d already fantasized about being taken by Parker in this classroom. He hoped that would happen sooner than later.
“That’s enough!” He pushed it back in and put himself back together. “So Jelani, are you still willing to go along? Do we have a deal? Those are only the preliminaries but, if you feel you can handle that then we’ll go on.”
Jelani raised his head to look at his new lover. “Yes we do,” he managed. He really did want to be with Parker. Whatever it took to make this happen he would do just that; even if it did include playing this Dom/sub game. He’d read about these type of relationships and even though he considered himself a strong man, he didn’t mind being ordered around. Him and Demetra had done that to an extent with her taking the lead. He loved the kink and who better to do it with than the man he desired more than any.
Professor Parker Macaulay.

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Tali Spencer said...

I get a serious obsession vibe from Jelani. He's drawn as much to the force of Parker's personality as he is by the sex. Nice!

Nephylim said...

Well damn :) Seriously hot.