Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 11

Here's more from The Professor using the prompt, "When I looked into your eyes..."

After about a fifteen minute ride, they were back at Parker’s place. The moment he closed the door, Jelani yanked his instructor into his body and engulfed his lips. Parker moaned into the embrace and reached down into Jelani’s jeans to give his ass a tight squeeze. His groin immediately felt full. “Mhmm, I don’t recall giving you permission to touch or kiss me young man.”
He grinned and dragged his long fingers against Parker’s face. “Damn, do I have to ask every time I wanna touch you?”
“Yes. Until you earn the right to do it without my okay. I’ll let that slide too. You’re lucky I actually like you, my friend. In the past, most of my subs would get a whack on the arse for each time they touched me without permission.”
"Don't you see me as more than that?"
Parker bit his lip and lifted his chin to meet his brown gaze. "It's true...when I look into your eyes I see more than just a sub." He couldn't bring himself to say more than that...yet.
Jelani appeared as though he understood but didn't comment further. “Yeah?” He held up his arms. “Well, may I touch you, kind Sir?”
“Yes, for the night, you may.” Professor Macaulay circled the edge of his man’s lips before darting his tongue inside, tangling it with Jelani’s. Breathless, he glanced into those light brown orbs once again.
“Mhmm…are you gonna gave me a lash?”
“Don’t tempt me.” Once more he pecked him then swatted his buttocks. “To the bedroom; I went shopping today for us. I want to know what you like and what you don’t. How far have you gotten in the book?”
“Enough to know what my boundaries are and about the use of safe words.” Jelani held out his hand for his professor to take it.
Parker nodded in approval and accepted. “Fantastic. You’ve done great. Maybe you have earned that right. We’ll see how you do tonight as we begin.”
Jelani started guiding him into the bedroom while Parker slipped his jacket off his one shoulder. The moment they got there, Jelani pinned him again, skin on skin, erection to erection.
“Shhitt…God’s Jelani. I give an inch, you take a mile.” His breaths labored and tossed his coat aside. Parker gripped his back through the cotton shirt.
“I want more than an inch, Parker,” he groaned and dropped to his knees, beginning to undo the belt.
“Mhmm…” Macaulay bumped his head against the wood and bit his lip. He’d already lost focus and control.
“Jelani!” Reluctantly he pushed the boy off him, just as he was beginning to pleasure him from below. Parker felt the heat from his nipples all the way down to his groin. There was nothing more he wanted than for his young lover to continue but first, to lay down the law.
He glanced into the boy’s eyes. “Jelani, you’re only permitted to touch not suck. Not yet anyway,” he grinned. “I want you too. Believe that, but you must use your self control so we can keep this closeted as we want, okay?” Touching his skin, he caressed the spaces up under his eyes.
“Yes Sir. Should I get up?”
“I think I like you down there, actually.” He flashed a wry smile. “First, why don’t you tell me what you meant earlier though? Why did you say, we’d only have two days to worry about basketball?”
“Because.” Jelani stopped to take off his shirt before giving Parker another tug at his cock. “It’s most likely the last game of the year. We won’t have much of a chance against Michigan.”
Parker tilted his head, ignoring the affectionate touches from his student. He ogled him and loved what he saw but this conversation had to be finished. “Lover, you have no faith in your team?”
“Nope. They’re real good, Parker. Even with me playing at my best, like I usually do, I don’t think we stand much of a chance. Now, of course…” he started to nuzzle Parker’s shaft with his head, nose, and mouth. “I’ll say all the right things to anyone who asks but in truth, I think they got too much. I’m sure they’ll load up the defensive traps on me, so I won’t be able to pass the ball away.”
Oh shit.
Professor Macaulay leaned back. His eyes rolled in the top of his head while he gripped Jelani’s bald dome and forced it into his crotch. Damn this young man drove him crazy. How did he know how to perform this well with little to no experience? Parker looked down at him. He drove his cock down his student’s throat. Those glorious sounds, gurgling, the clanking of his piercing hitting Jelani’s pearly whites sent him into a trance. Constant bolts of adrenaline shot to different points in his body. He ached for a release. “Ooh God, Jelani. More. Yes,” he hissed and caressed him as he devoured his thickness.
Damn the rules for now. Time to just relax and enjoy. 


Tali Spencer said...

Sometimes the little pleasure glutton inside just takes over and the game is on. Looks like the Professor might lose either his heart or his dom card, or maybe both! :D

MA Church said...

Hot, as always! It does seem like the Professor might have his hands full wih this sub!


Nephylim said...

Very hot, but I'm not sure how good a dom the prof is if he loses control this easily. Get to the good parts!!!
Sorry... Down boy, down :)