Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 13

Good morning! Wednesday briefs from me once again. Let's get away from the Professor and do something from my latest finished story, Closely Guarded. 

A little scene without removing clothes.


Kimball rubbed his shoulder and placed his arm around him. “I just wanted you to know just in case somethin’ happens to us, okay? I’m feelin’ real sappy right now!”

BA drew up his lips. “Yeah thanks for that! So I lost out a chance to be with you because of stupidity!”

Kimball smiled wryly. “You didn’t lose out on anything, babe,” he winked. “We both kind of blew it. Remember the time after the jewelry heist? The first time we kissed?”


“I wanted to go further with it but I just couldn’t. I…care for Mike too much to cheat but I ain’t gonna say I haven’t thought about it.”

BA shook his head and quickly got up from the sofa. So many emotions running through him right now. Nikolay and his proposition, Kimball and his admission. “Look um, we need to do some work so I can forget about whatever the hell is goin’ on right now. Between you and Nikolay I’m ready to go to the nearest bar and just find someone to fuck my cares away!”

Kimball laughed, “Yeah but that’s what got ya here in the first place. Alone, with nothin’ to show for it.” The agent got up and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him like a rag doll. “Listen, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you how I felt in the beginning. I should’ve but, you should’ve done it too. Things mighta been different.”

BA nodded, “Yeah, like I said, I blew it.” He shrugged away and walked backwards. “I need a cigarette right now, Kim. Go on and start without me and as soon as I relax, I’ll join ya’ in looking through these tapes.”

Kimball stared at him blankly and stepped closer. In one move, he grabbed BA’s face and kissed him roughly.

The moment their mouths connected, BA lost focus and dead on his feet. Without thinking, he reciprocated and gripped a handful of Kimball’s dreads. “Stop this, damnit. No, Kim…”

“Can’t help it!” He sighed into his embrace and locked lips with him again.


BA’s first mind told him to wrestle himself out of this man’s arms and run out but he wanted this, needed this from his best friend. Already aroused, BA lay limp in Kimball’s arms and let him take the lead. Damn Mike. Kimball didn’t let up. He continued assaulting BA with his affections; kissing, groping, tangling tongues with BA making him breathless. His cock strained against -his jeans, leaking precum. The pressure built in his groin.

“Oh Jesus, Kim…please.” BA wrapped his arms around his neck for support.

“Damn, BA.” Kimball pulled back and stared at him starry eyed. “I’m…sorry man. I’ve been wantin’ to do that for a long time.”

BA exhaled and gulped hard. “Me too. Uh…”

Kimball ran his hands over his forehead and moistened his lips. “Yeah, let’s get to work, man and maybe…”

“We could pick it up later?” BA asked with promise and adjusted himself. Damn Kimball and Nikolay for leaving him amped up this whole day.

I need to get laid!

“Yeah…perhaps…” Kimball released a heavy sigh and headed back for the desk to his laptop.

BA couldn’t take his eyes off his handsome partner. “Um, I’m gonna go have a smoke, okay? I’ll be back.”

“Yeah…you do that. Don’t stay away to long and stay away from Ivan’s man!”

What? BA shook his head and left up in a hurry. What the fuck was going on right now? Nikolay throws himself at him and Kimball admits to having the hots for him and does the same. Am I just that irresistible? He smiled to himself and stepped out the backdoor, pulling his Marlboro’s out his pocket. BA lit one and blew smoke in the air. “What now?”

Yes, what now? Nikolay and Kimball were both on his mind. Now that’s a ménage I wouldn’t mind having!

But that wasn’t the option, at least not right now. He wanted both men, one he’d loved for years but again, Mike stood in the way of happiness.

Time to get this murder solved!


Nephylim said...

Now that's what I call evil. I'm already caught by these two characters and if I want to see more I have to buy the book. Sigh. It's going to have to wait until after payday :)

S.Lira said...

Thanx Nephylim, its not out yet. No worries. Its about to go to edits