Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Briefs #17

BL is still writing her gay cowboys in the free read and Wild Horses her next book.

Here's more of the story

Bobby held him close, stroking his curly blond locks. “God you feel so good, Cade.” And he did. Bobby Leslie adored this man and finally after all these years they’d be together. “How ‘bout that shower, darlin’?”

Cade looked up at him. “I smell bad, don’t I?”
He laughed and shook hs head. “Not at all, love. I just wanna hold you and help you at the same time. What better way to caress you all over than to wash that hot, sexy body of yours.”

“Aw you say the sweetest things. I know I reek of alcohol right now but thanks for savin’ my sensitive feelings.”

Bobby grabbed his face and covered Cade’s lips with his own. Sure he’d already taken a shower earlier but what was the harm in taking another with the man he loved more than anything? “C’mon, babe.” Bobby kissed him again and smacked his bare backside, admiring the curves in his buttocks. “Damn, look at that ass!” He whistled and followed his new lover to the bathroom.

Cade wiggled and chuckled on his way. “It’s all yours too. Been wantin’ that forever too.”

“So have I, love. So have I.” Bobby caught up to him and smacked it again. The moment they reached their desired destination, Bobby turned the valves on the tub to get the water going. 

“You helpin’ me with these clothes hunny?” Slowly, he unbuttoned his shirt.

“Sure am.” Cade assisted him, rubbing his cock against Bobby’s and nibbling on the side of his neck at the same time.

“Shit…” Bobby threw his head back and his breaths labored. His own cock standing at attention, throbbing and straining against the zipper. He swallowed hard. “Fuck baby. Bite it harder, suck it…”

Cade did just that, making Bobby squeal like a cat in heat. “Damn, yeah that’s it, mark me baby!” He tossed his shirt aside and immediately went to work on his 501’s. Hell the things seemed to take forever to get off but he managed. “Shit Cade, you feel so good.” Bobby’s eyes rolled in the back of his head. Once he unzipped his pants, he jerked his dick slowly, rubbing the head against Cade’s. The pressure on his groin, he wanted nothing more right now than to penetrate his new lover.

“Commando huh? Damn! Lemme taste ya’ Bobby.” Cade bent over and helped him take off his pants, socks, and shoes.

“Mhm…” Bobby opened his eyes and flipped the knob for the shower. The steam rose from the tub and the jets rained down in a steady pour. “Get in, sugar!”

Cade nodded and stepped in first. Bobby swatted his ass again.

“Ughh!” Cade knelt in front of Bobby. His blue eyes met Bobby’s.

“Suck me, babe.” Ready to be serviced Bobby leaned against the wall. Hot water ran onto his scalp, calming him, relaxing his muscles. What a feeling! Nothing like a steaming shower with the man you love. Bobby held onto Cade’s shoulders and massaged them, staring at his face and its delicate features. Damn this man was so beautiful.

Why did I wait so long to tell him how I feel?

Cade responded to the command, swirling his tongue over the tip and dipping it inside the slit.

“Holy shit, baby!” Bobby glanced up at the ceiling, feeling more pressure to come. No way! His body already trembling from the emotions and Cade’s suction, he shivered and balled his hands into fists. “Oh Cade, God, slow down baby, I’m gonna come!”

“Do it, I wanna taste your sweet juices goin’ down my throat!” Cade gripped his shaft at the base and jerked it while his mouth continued to do most of the work. Again, he licked the tip beofre taking it completely in between his lips. He almost gaged but didn’t show too much discomfort.

“Ohh, Cade. Damn you know how to suck a dick!” Bobby punched the wall, wishing he could hold on a little longer but his body wouldn’t allow it. Before he knew it, he erupted and shuddered violently. “Shit!’ The moment he cried out, hot jets of cum spurted down Cade’s throat.

Cade swallowed and grabbed his own cock in unison. He stopped a moment and looked into Bobby's eyes. "Oh yeah babe give it to me!"

Bobby shook and gripped his man’s head, forcing him into his crotch. “God yeah! Ughh!”

“Mhmm…” Cade continued to suck as if it were his last meal. Once again, he licked around the top pf Bobby’s cock and gazed into Bobby’s eyes. “Good lover?”

“Hell yeah!” Bobby’s breaths slowed and he licked his lips. “C’mere and kiss me baby.” Wanting him, he held out his arms, ready to hold him close.

Cade did just that and shared Bobby’s juices with him through a searing kiss.
Bobby could feel his cock jerking to life again just from this hot embrace. The taste if his own cum on Cade’s lips drove him wild. “Damn…so good…I want inside you Cade!”

“Want you too!” Cade leaned into his chest and reached around him, gripping Bobby’s butt with his calloused hands.

“Mhmmph…” That roughness, oh yeah, that’s what he wanted to feel. His man had always been a hard worker, doing whatever he could to preserve his daddy’s farm. Bobby loved Cade for that among other things and now he’d get to show him just how much.

* * * *

Cade continued his affections, loving the feel of Bobby Leslie in his arms. Bobby Leslie wants me? I must be dreaming right now. “Mmmph, your ass is delicious, babe.”

Bobby laughed and jolted when Cade pushed a finger inside his tightness. “Ooh, honey. I know what you’re after and I like it. No worries, I love to flip.”

“Good.” Cade was glad to hear that. Every man that he’d had a moment with was a top and hated to switch. Finally, one who wanted to and it was the one he desired the most. “I can’t wait to give ya’ a ride, Bobby but first, your turn.” Cade turned away from him and rubbed his butt against the head of Bobby’s cock.

“Mhmm, my turn huh?” Bobby bit his shoulder blade and sucked on Cade’s skin.

“Dayum, Bobby! Now, let’s get to bed now before I explode!” Cade reluctantly pulled away and walked quickly outside the bathroom.

Bobby shut the valves off in the shower and smacked Cade’s butt. “Gitty up, babe. Go on to that room so I can get inside that sweet ass of yours!” Bobby laughed and ran after him.

Cade crawled on the bed and waited for Bobby to come after him. It only took a short minute and Bobby was hovering over him smiling wide and erect. “Ready for me, darlin?”

Cade only nodded and watched Bobby grab the lube and condoms from the top drawer. Anticipating the biggest moment, he sighed and licked his lips. He’d been waiting for this forever and now he’d have Bobby Leslie right where he wanted him. He continued to ogle him while teasing his own nipples.

Bobby smiled at him as he sheathed himself with the latex. “Damn that’s hot Cade.” He squeezed some lube onto his cock.

Desiring his new lover, Cade spread his legs wide and fingered his tight pucker. “How about this?”

“Mhmmm…” Bobby pulled him closer and pressed the head of his shaft against Cade. “Damn, Bobby. Don’t make me wait any longer.” His breaths labored and his jewels drew up tight.

In seconds, Bobby pushed himself in, gasping with every inch. “Mmh, Cade. I’ve been dreaming of this for quite awhile!”

Cade moved in unison with him and bit his lip. His nipples perked and goose bumps formed on his skin. “Jesus, Bobby so have I.” Excitement ran through him with every thrust. He wrapped his legs around Bobby’s body and held him there.

Hopefully this was just the start of their brand new relationship.

Did I ever say this moment wouldn’t happen? If Cade Spencer did, he was dead wrong. Bobby Leslie was with him right now and it wasn’t a figment of his imagination.

Now he had to get up the courage to let everyone know about it. 

Cia Norwell  m/m

Lily Sawyer m/m


Tali Spencer said...

I've fallen in love with this couple. They have so much genuine affection, devotion and love. :)

Cia said...

I like the way that Cade is relishing that Bobby really is into him. The sex scenes were really hot too, but they didn't wash in the shower! lol

Stop and think of your visuals when you write though. This section: “Shit!’ The moment he cried out, hot jets of cum spurted down Cade’s throat.

“Oh yeah, baby, give it all to me!” Cade swallowed and grabbed his own cock in unison.

How could Cade talk when Bobby is coming down his throat and he is swallowing at the same time. Dialogue in sex scenes can be good, and add another dimension to the intimacy/heat, but it has to fit.

Other than that, nicely done. Oh, btw, my name is Cia Nordwell ;) People are always missing the d when I say it. lol

MA Church said...

*splutters* Okay that was hot. Love me some cowboys lol. ;)