Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Briefs #18

It's been fun hosting BL and allowing her to do this story.

She thinks it's time to end it and maybe continue at a later date for a free read to be released later.

Here is the final part with the prompts:

Cowboy, Pleasure, and Whistle

“Whew wee…” Bobby whistled loudly after they finished their early afternoon of lovemaking. “I could go for another round, love.” He swatted Cade on the ass prompting him to yelp.

“I’m sure you can, Mr. Man! I need to recover first though. I may need about an hour or so!” Cade rolled off him and lay on the bed with a content look on his face.

“Cowboy, you sure you can’t get yourself together a little faster than that? I mean, I’m feenin' for ya’ somethin’ fierce. Been waitin’ too damn long just to be close to you.” Bobby yanked him back on top and gripped his butt cheeks tightly.

“You want me to return the favor, huh?”

‘Sure do, lover. It’s been a while since I been on the receivin’ end but hell, for you, I don’t mind a little pain mixed in with my pleasure.” Bobby reached over to the nightstand and grabbed some lube. When he squeezed and ample amount of slick on his fingers, he gripped both their cocks together and jerked them simultaneously.

“Ooh shit, Bobby! You tryin’ real hard to get my motor started faster, huh?” Cade moved into his hand and kissed his neck.

“Yeah…” Bobby picked up the pace, tugging harder to get Cade in the mood quickly. Clearly it was working just as he wanted. His own cock expanded in his palm, spurting precum. His balls tightened and he bit his lip. “Jesus, Cade. Fuck me!”

“Oh God!” Cade threw his head back and pressed his crotch into Bobby’s. Seeing his neck exposed, Bobby leaned into him and bit his throat, making a trail down from his Adam’s apple to his collarbone.

“Holy shit!” Bobby desperately wanted Cade to enter him and claim him as his own.

Yeah there were challenges ahead, namely how to let Cade’s father know that he was a gay man without causing a heart attack but Bobby knew Cade was worth it. Hell, they’d known one another the better part of a decade and remained friends.

Now they’d be lovers and friends which both of them had always wanted.

And to think, if Cade had never gotten drunk at their mutual friend’s party, neither of them would've known how they felt about one another

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Cia said...

Awww, so short! It'll be interesting to see their dynamic once you actually get them to the point of telling Cade's dad. That is, if you plan to write beyond here; it just occured to me this is a bit of a stopping point, beyond the individual weekly update.

Tali Spencer said...

This is a natural stopping point and I can see why you chose to end here for now. I don't usually go for cowboys and I totally fell in love with these two. I sorry to see their story end. Thanks for telling it. :)