Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Briefs #19

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My sister muses love participating in these obviously.

Here is Rawiya now with a little sample of her characters from the story in Hot Summer Fun antho

Peter and Cruz with the prompts kiwi and moonlight

The Reunion

The moonlight shone over the blue waters of the Pacific, making this moment even more romantic for two men who fell in love at first sight. Their meeting just three months ago had been a long night of passion that both enjoyed. The following morning, they parted for their separate lives and after weeks of phone calls, texts, instant messages on Facebook and Twitter, they were finally seeing one another again.

“Peter…” Cruz spoke softly while he gazed at his lover’s sleek frame walking towards him. His dark brown hair just kissed his shoulders and even on this dimly lit beach, Cruz could see those beautiful blue eyes, his pale skin poking through a Hawaiian print shirt. Peter’s shorts were just the right length over the knee, showing those hairy legs Cruz loved to have wrapped around him when the made love.

After all this time away from his long distance lover, he couldn’t have been happier to see him.

“Cruz. I missed you!” Peter sprinted in his direction when their gazes met.

“Peter!” The two men hugged with Cruz lifting the older man from the ground and kissing him feverishly. Their tongues tangled in wild abandon, the taste of Kiwi and liquor on Peter’s taste buds.

Cruz gripped his tight buttocks through his cargo shorts. “Damn, I’m so excited you’re back here, man!” Cruz put him down but didn’t stop holding his ass cheeks.

“I am too, babe! She finally allowed me some time off to come see you. I told her I’d met my sole mate in Hawaii!”

Cruz laughed and manhandled him, patting his shoulder. “Yeah you did. I’m ready to come back with you, man! All packed and ready to move to New York just like we talked about!”

“Good but…” Peter pulled away a moment and took his hands into his own palms.

Just the feel of this man’s skin against his made Cruz’s temperature go from hot to burning. “But?”

“I wanna stay a little while, honey. No rush to go back to New York just yet. I been busting my ass so hard at that firm, she allowed me to take some of that saved up vacation time. Just one of the many perks being a senior manager at a financial firm.”

“Is that so?” Cruz yanked him in and their mouths connected again. The heat rose above them and electric shocks ran through Cruz’s body making his nipples and cock harden. “Mmph… I wanna make love to you...” Cruz kissed him and bit his bottom lip. “Right here.” Cruz was totally serious and didn’t care about anyone watching them. They’d been away from one another far too long.

“Yeah?” Peter’s voice was breathy and full of need. Desiring him, he pulled Cruz close and both sank to the sands on the beach. “God I love you, Cruz. I mean it too.”

“I love you too, Peter. I’ll never love anyone the way I love you.”

* * * *

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Cia said...

I liked this story of lover's reunited. Lots of emotion. There were some typos, like sole mate instead of soulmate, but those were minor. Thanks for sharing!