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Day Seven Michael's 70K Bash - Patricia Logan

Good morning! Happy Monday and welcome to Michael's. I'd like to take another opportunity to thank everyone who has visited and especially the authors who've been so gracious enough to donate prizes!

Next is my good friend and awesome author Patricia Logan with a post. Let's listen to what she has to say!

Thank you for letting me blog today Michael and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taboo  Indeed!!!

Today, since we are talking about Men as inspiration, I thought I’d touch on that exact subject…

Hot guys on a daily basis… my terrible cross to bear!

My goodness, there are a bunch of beautiful men out there! In my business, I am confronted, happily, I may add, with pictures of the most beautiful men that exist. But, looking at the latest Bond film, released this week, and Daniel Craig, who is worth a standing ovation in the world of beauty… What is it exactly? Beauty… a fleeting moment… a few years of being hot?

I’m certain that these models take what they can from the life in front of the camera… money, fame, fortune… they must gain a world of fans… but must it also be draining? I have a very good friend, a family member really, who became a superstar singer in the 80’s when she was only sixteen. It was a time when pop culture was located in the malls of America… she sang to thousands in mini concerts all across the land.
She started off on Star Search, winning the contest when she was merely a child. Those pipes! What reasonable person could listen to that kid sing and wonder if she wouldn’t be the next superstar? Well, they made her one! To this day, she wonders what would have happened had she not been literally launched into fame at the tender age of ten. She’d begun simply enough, singing at county fairs, weddings, wherever her parents (red-necked stage-parents) could showcase their baby’s talent. This is not to say that she didn’t love the applause, the allocates, that came with being a brilliant young singer, but she was definitely not prepared for what came next.

When I say that this young woman became a superstar, I mean SUPERSTAR, along the lines of Madonna or Michael Jackson, in her time. When her manager stole from her, her recording company wrote her off after three platinum albums because she began to grow up and her voice began to change, her world turned on its head. She publicly “divorced” her parents, coining the phrase “emancipated minor”, causing the “Enquirer” to turn their sights on her and pretty soon, her young career was history. The millions that she had earned, dried up and she was relegated to the back of the shelf, before CD’s were even invented. Her adult career has included VH1 appearances of “Remember T*****Y?” and the bio channel.

I worry for these gorgeous men, the ones we look at every day and wonder about. Who are their boyfriends? Are they being loved, taken care of, as my friend was not? Do they realize that they have much more value than the next headshot?

My daughter has had some touches with the “star” community in the last few years. Her father and I were told to get her into modeling from a very young age. She’s one of those rare kids that have personality, talent and gorgeous looks. About two and a half years ago, I took her to tryouts for a modeling shoot at a relative’s urging. She made the cut and began acting classes in which she excelled. She also LOVED it. That was important to me. If she liked what she was doing, well, then it was okay to introduce her to this world… wasn’t it?

About a year ago, I took her for new headshots. Her photographer, here in Los Angeles, is world famous, having photographed everyone from rock stars to the President. Her shots were amazing and he swore that the camera loved her and that if she wanted to truly pursue acting and modeling, she’d go far. I had to sit her down and ask, is this really what you want? In truth, she was flattered, a little excited by all of the attention but she said, “Mom, I want to be a kid for awhile.”

I wonder how many of these pretty boys that we gaze at every day, had someone in their lives who asked them what they really wanted to do. I read stories all the time about boys drawn into the life of “modeling” and yet end up at the raw end of the deal as my friend did… with managers who steal them blind and ruthless profiteers who would just as soon see them as rent boys if they weren’t bringing in the bucks any other way.

Look closely at these beauties the next time you ogle a photo and ask yourself… Are you happy baby? I pray they are.

****Today Patty is giving away a copy of Silver Bullets or Leather Nights, reader's choice to one lucky commenter. Leave your email!

Silver Bullets

Sexy, selfish Michael Francis has hit rock bottom. His boyfriend has dumped him, stolen all his money and his career as a super model has come to a screeching halt. Tyler Winston, macho Texas lawman, has lost the only love he’s ever had and the shocking memories of his long buried past have come back to haunt him. Set on a collision course, can these two broken men find common ground and begin to heal each other or will a ruthless killer part them forever?

And here is the hot excerpt. Her character's name is Michael. o.O

“I am fifteen years older than you Michael.”
“And sexy as hell.” Michael reached up and ran his fingers through Tyler’s salt and pepper hair. “Look at those fucking muscles. God, you are one hot cop, babe.” Michael groaned as he touched Tyler’s hairy chest.
“It’s sexy, you all dressed up in your uniform. I love it when I see you with your badge pinned to your belt, knowing that you carry a gun and that you are so fucking powerful and strong under that suit.” Michael ran his hands through Tyler’s chest hair as Tyler crawled over him and straddled his hips, letting their cocks touch. Tyler grinned down at him, knowing from the twinkle in Michael’s eyes that many men had cop fantasies. Tyler wondered if he was a fantasy for his young lover. He reached down and circled both of Michael’s wrists in his large hands, drawing them over his head as he leaned down to take charge of Michael’s mouth. He kissed him long and deep, learning his mouth well, until Michael humped him and groaned.
“You got cop fantasies Michael?” Tyler growled. Michael nodded his head vigorously and bit his lower lip.
“Fuck yeah,” he panted.
“Want me to handcuff you and force you to suck my dick, scumbag? Lick my hot hole and fuck you hard against the bars? Huh scum, that what you want?” Michael was clearly into Tyler’s dirty cop talk and the whole role playing fantasy. He was whimpering and grinding his leaking rock hard erection against Tyler’s.
“Stop manhandling me cop! I’ll have your badge!” Michael screamed. Tyler’s dick throbbed. A second later, he was flipping Michael over on the bed, putting a knee in his back as he leaned over to pull his handcuffs out of his jacket pocket. Michael writhed below him as Tyler cuffed his hands behind his back. Michael laid face first on the sheet, grinding his dick against the bed.
“Shut up, scumbag!” Tyler flipped him back over and took Michael by the hair, making him look him in the face to make sure this was okay with him. The lust that lit his eyes was clear. Tyler found himself pushing Michael to his knees. “Put that pretty mouth to good use and suck my big cock.” Tyler stood on the bed and widened his legs, forcing his cock roughly into Michael’s mouth. Michael gagged as it hit the back of his throat.
“That’s right, suck me! I love face-fucking punks like you!” Michael groaned again and swallowed as deeply as he could, giving Tyler the friction he needed on the roller-coaster ride to orgasm. Fucking Evie had always been a gentle affair. Tyler would have never been able to play out this fantasy with her. He probably would have frightened her to death. Precome was dripping onto the sheets from Michael’s cock which was standing high and thick against his belly. He was obviously not frightened, even after his brush with violence tonight. Tyler was so turned on, watching Michael’s mouth sucking him in deeply, that he was already edging his orgasm. He fisted Michael’s hair harder and slammed in and out of Michael’s mouth.
“You like it don’t you man-whore? You like being forced by a big tough man like me.” Michael whimpered sexily, his eyes tightly shut. Tyler could barely hold on. “You’re gonna get a mouth full of my spunk scumbag! If you don’t swallow every drop, I’m gonna grudge-fuck that tight little ass that you’ve been wiggling around me! Yeah? You like that, punk?” Tyler’s orgasm began in the small of his back, tingling through his whole body as Michael rolled his tongue up and down his length, using just a tiny bite of his teeth to draw out his climax.
“Fuck yeah!” Tyler screamed and went wild, jamming his cock in one last time and holding Michael’s head tight against him as he shot his come deeply in to his young lover’s mouth. Michael groaned and screamed around Tyler’s cock as he attempted to swallow every drop of Tyler’s enormous load. Tyler felt wetness hit his feet, and he looked all the way down to the sheet to see Michael’s cock going off like a rocket, spraying rope after rope of sticky hot come all over the place. It was the hottest thing that Tyler had ever seen. With his hands cuffed behind his back, Michael hadn’t even touched his own cock.
“Fuck Michael! Fuck!” Tyler sighed in awe. “You are the hottest mother-fucker on the planet.” Michael looked up at Tyler, continuing to suck and swallow his spunk. Tyler let go of Michael’s hair and slowly pulled out of his mouth. Michael smiled up at him as Tyler dropped to the bed, reaching for his jacket to get the handcuff keys. He moved behind Michael and removed the cuffs, coming back around and connecting with Michael’s mouth as he kissed him deeply, massaging his lover’s wrists where the cuffs had reddened the skin.


Debby said...

Wow, that is one hot except to start off my Monday. Thanks for starting my day right.
debby236at gmail dot com

Jean said...

Great post, Patti. You are so right about the spotlight on kids. My youngest was selected in school to audition for a movie. I took him with my heart in my mouth because although I wouldn't deny him a career, I really didn't want it to be acting. He kept getting called for auditions but was a shy child and every time I held my breath, he didn't get the part. Finally he was chosen for a part in a film by a film student. It was only a few seconds in the opening, but it satisfied his desire to succeed after so many auditions. After that shoot, he told me he didn't want to do any more auditions. I breathed a sigh of relief. He graduates in June and will most likely pursue a career in science, which makes us both happy.

Patricia Logan said...

That's it Jean. Whatever makes them happy... but when they're little (when are they not to us?) they are just so dern'd vulnerable. Some of these models that we ogle every day look like they're 16, though their modeling agency's swear that they are 18, and shove them in front of the camera with little more than a thong.

Anonymous said...

Very hot excerpt. I'm so glad that your daughter has a good head on her shoulder and good parents to talk to her, instead of chasing the fame and fortune at whatever price. Look at Lindsey Lohan and so many young celebrities. So very sad.

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Urb said...

My sister, a nurse, got a job in L.A. Her new gig offered her housing until she found her own place. The apartment complex in Burbank (yech!) mainly housed transient stage parents who had brought their kids to LA to seek stardom. They were some of the creepiest people I've ever met. My sister's son, a gorgeous and engaging little boy, was assumed to be another wanna-be, holding out for that big break, or at least a juice box commercial. Concentrated ickiness! I need to read a hot book to cleanse my mind! Thanks for the excerpt, I'd like to read it all!
brendurbanist at gmail dot com

Katmarie said...

Loved, loved, LOVED Leather Nights, and am so looking forward to Silver Bullets!

condrons1997 at hotmail dot com

gigi said...

They both sound like great books. Please count me in. Thanks!

Gigi said...

Sound like a great couple of books. Please count me in. Thanks!

Loveless3173 said...

I'd love to read Silver Bullets! Thank you for the excerpt Please, please count me in~


Patricia Logan said...

Wow thanks you guys :)

Anonymous said...

Very thought-provoking post. The star machine can be pretty ruthless...