Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nano UPDATE Day 22...

Well we did it!

All 3 muses worked on getting the nano goal complete! WOOT!

Rawiya with I Like Em Pretty

Me with Under the Gun two 

and BL crossing the 50k finish with Nathan and Bryant's Xmas tale!

Wtg to my fellow muses and to Shar who desperately needs a vacation from us.

But we won't give it to her. *evil snicker*

I'll be continuing when I start my rendition of I Like Em Pretty after the dreaded Black Friday. Shar will need time to recover as the day job calls. 

Yep. She works while we sit and come up with more stories. 

To everyone else doing Nano, hope you make your goals and to all the readers, look or 3 of these stories to come out in December. 

Stayed tuned while you're enjoying turkey day. I have a special announcement at 6pmCST tomorrow night for my own Black Friday sale!

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