Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Spotlight - Alex Akira!

Greetings! Welcome to another Thursday spotlight! I'm happy to have on Alex Akira here to talk about his latest release. Let's give him our undivided attention!

Alex A. Akira; Author of M/M Romance Series Dojo Boys

As we come to the end of 2012, I've been reflecting on my year and wondering if there is any truth to the Mayan prophecy of great change in this year. I am very surprised to find that for me, that prophecy rings true. Somehow I've managed to publish five books in one year. 
I just released the last, Dojo Boys: The Italian Connection, this past week and it was only then that I realized what I had accomplished. Granted the five book series do not resemble (in any manner) the Great American Novel that some authors dream of writing. Rather they are racy MM romances that revolve around the beautiful students and instructors of a Shotokan dojo and a dance company and their adventures to find enduring love.

 I rediscovered writing in the winter of 2009, when I experienced a life threatening injury that had me pretty much paralyzed with a nerve disorder. Until that point, I was a highly athletic individual, meaning I ran six-eight miles daily, taught and trained in Shotokan karate, lifted weights and swam regularly. Running, Shotokan, and design, well, that is what I lived for. Suddenly I could not do the first two and the third was not enough to fill the void.
 Plus I was in serious pain; I've broken both hands and a foot and I'd never felt anything like nerve damage pain, I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy.  At any rate, it was during my slow recovery that I started writing and posting online, to keep myself distracted and entertained. People started reading the stories and liked them, so I kept on writing. On Dec 26, 2011, I finally was able to exercise regularly and published the first book in what was to become the Dojo Boys series.

The Dojo Boys stories were written  because I missed teaching and training at my dojo. One of the best things about teaching is that you gain insight into different personalities. My dojo tended to draw a lot of beautiful, what I would call "fractured" boys, and so we more often than not found ourselves mentoring our students. We also had our fair share of oddly erotic incidents, like the time my mate and I received a call at our home at 2:00 AM, informing us of a break-in at the dojo. We had to bail out one of our trusted, students after the police discovered him fellatioing another young male in the dojo. The thing is, he had the keys, but apparently in his eagerness had forgotten to shut off the alarm.

At any rate, I, myself, had my fair share of personal problems growing up and so I write stories of beautiful boys with fractured souls and how they deal with life and love. I call my stuff "pulp yaoi" because it's meant to be light, fast-paced and entertaining. My tagline "Specializing in Angst, Romance, Smex and Happily Ever Afters," and my love of manga, should give you a good idea of my style. For now, I draw my own covers; you can find more art featuring my boys on my website:

My latest effort, Dojo Boys: The Italian Connection can be read as a stand alone novel and features the lovely Japanese-French boy Philippe. A dancer and a thief, with a low self esteem problem, Philippe finds himself at the center of a love triangle between a sexy rock musician and a hot Italian male. Later he finds himself kidnapped by a former lover who has Yakuza ties. Will he make it out alive? Will he realize his self worth? Will he find true love?  I hope you get a chance to pick up a copy and find out. 

You can read an excerpt here:

Take a "Look Inside" or purchase Volume One here:

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Anonymous said...

I've read some of Mr. Akira's works and very much enjoied them. Another thing I really love are his cover illustrations, proof that sometimes you absolutly can judge a book by its cover!