Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Briefs #20

Good morning! It's the holidays and I'm feeling quite sappy. Here is my Wed Brief with my loving couple. Be careful not to slip on the sweetness!

I Do Love the Holidays With You!
“Brilliant!” London admired the unique ornaments in triangular shapes made of glass. He’d placed them and the lights in variations of reds, greens, yellows, and blues. “I do love Christmas!”
“You do?” Brandon, his husband of exactly one year stepped into the room, dressed in a long terrycloth housecoat.
“I do, especially now that I spend them with the man I love. If only I weren’t so busy chasing men at the clubs, I would’ve married a long time ago to enjoy the holidays a lot more.” London meant that with all his heart. Brandon had been the reason for his newfound happiness.
“Well, I know this may sound selfish but…I’m glad you didn’t.” Brandon plopped on the leather white sofa and crossed his legs. “If you’d gotten hitched earlier we would’ve never met.”
“Oh I think we would’ve lovely. Then I would be faced with the decision to choose. Not an easy one, considering I could not see myself loving anyone else!” London sat next to his partner and slinked his arm around his broad shoulders, tussling Brandon’s reddish brown strands with his fingers. Lightly, he pulled on them, bringing the man closer to take a whiff from his newly washed hair. Scents of flowery shampoo and aftershave filled his nostrils making him dizzy with lust. His cock strained against his silk loungers, begging for a way out. To get his man in the mood, he breathed heavily on his ear and whispered, “I do love you, Brandon Davies.”
“I love you too, London Davies. Fancy a trip upstairs to bring our own kind of holiday cheer?” Brandon winked and held onto his hand tightly.
“I’d love that!” London kissed him quickly and hopped up from the couch, ready to take pleasure in his lover for Christmas. “No better way to spend the season than with the one you love.”

* * *

And now here are the other participants

Cia Norwell  m/m

Tali m/m


Tali Spencer said...

I totally agree with your closing line. :) No better way...

Cia said...

How sweetly sappy! Lovely little flash. I take points off for getting my name wrong again though. *snickers* I should just take out the d, no one ever hears it when I say my last name either, lol!

S.Lira said...


Thanks so much for the comment. The main book Im writing is more involved. I couldnt do another tension story. lol

S.Lira said...


DId I? OOps...

Sorry :/

Thx for the comment

Victoria Adams said...

Ahhh! Great last line.

Nephylim said...

That was definitely short but sweet. It says a lot in just a few words. I have to agree with the others about the last line. I am SO excited about Christmas this year. I'm packing and decorating and writing cards. Wish i had the ability to spend hours in the kitchen. I miss all my home made goodies. Nevermind, I'm getting the best of everything else.