Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Sips - Demon Be Mine

Good morning! Here's a bit from my newest story just finished for the Triad Valentine Time anthology to come the first week of February. BL's story is done, mine is too and now it's Rawiya's turn!

Here's a blurb and snippet from Demon Be Mine

Valios is a soul catcher, looking for human souls to make part of his own personal collection. When one he fancies steps into his club, he is unaware that his target is no ordinary human!

Unedited excerpt

One solitary light shone from the ceiling in an otherwise dark filled room in a fancy penthouse above a busy street. Cool breezes flowed through the window, making the space chilly but still comfortable on this late summer night in Chicago.
“Another night, another soul I’ve enjoyed draining the life from.” Valios smirked to himself, wiping his mouth of the excess spirit he’d drank from this human he’d had his eyes on for the better part of a week. “You’ve been a good man, Marcus, very good. You tasted even better!” While he buttoned his black shirt, he enjoyed the sight of the human’s frail frame. Gone were the colorful tattooed muscles this young bodybuilder possessed; the very thing that attracted Valios to him in the first place. Instead, a pale, lifeless, torso lay on the bed, amidst blood red sheets strewn about the mattress. Marcus brown curls plastered to his head from sweat after their wild romp. His blue eyes bulged out of his skull and mouth gaped wide open, he appeared to have enjoyed his last kiss although one that would ultimately cost him his life.
“Lovely.” In his mind, Valios believed his method of killing was a work of art, only to be appreciated by those who loved the darker sides of life. Death and sickness. They could be so beautiful, leaving behind a picture perfect sight of suffering only the demons of death could understand. Oh and those wretched humans who called themselves goths. Yes those, who embraced the seedier sides of human existence and embraced the ideals of pestilence, looking forward to their last days on earth. Such posers, who only wanted to be part of something when they were only pretending. True believers in the beauty of death didn’t wear all black clothing and visit graveyards for fun! Valios found these people to be most annoying and vowed to rid the earth of them when he received the ultimate gift from his maker.
For now however, he’d go on enjoying the life his father Death had set out for him to do. Taking pleasure in his existence, doing the work of a vampire but with oh so much more flair. No melting in the sun for Valios and others like him. They combed the world, far and wide, seeking out humans whose souls begged to be taken. How could they tell? Soul catchers, the group which Valios belonged to, had the distinct power to recognize a crying soul of a human who wished for happiness on the other side. Perhaps something ailed them, they might’ve been terminally ill, or they had a deep secret that couldn’t be told to loved ones. Whatever it was, Valios and his companions found it. And when they did, they gave the human what they asked for. Death. In peace. Silence. Leaving them completely lifeless and without soul. For the most part, these individuals went to the maker to be eternal slaves in his army. In other cases, the soul catchers or other demons would take those men and or women for their own personal gratification.
Valios found himself in this predicament right now; wanting a soul, a human he could call his very own. His time on earth for the past three centuries proved to be most taxing on him. A bore. He needed someone to give him the zest and the inspiration he’d once had.  
Continuing to dress, he recalled the last few prospects he’d entertained to be his eternal mate. One man, a gay CEO of a large company with everything to hide, all the money in the world, but too full of himself. Valios figured only one man in this relationship would be able to carry on in that manner. Another, a painter, someone Valios just knew he could appreciate but the man was too moody and even though Valios had powers, he wouldn’t be able to change the attitude of the man he decided to settle down with.
I’m a demon not a miracle worker!

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