Sunday, February 10, 2013

First full day in NOLA!

Greetings from N'awlins!

Shar, hubby, and BFF are here and of course she had to take us with her.

While Rawiya is relaxing and BL is recovering from massive hangover, I'm having a non alcoholic beverage and checking in from gorgeous New Orleans.

The view isn't all that pretty, littered streets, lots of people stumbling with more empty cups and plenty of beads. Where's the coffee? Water, anything that doesn't have alcohol in it for now, only so they can start the process all over again once the first parade hits around 10-11am.

The weather is nice now, around 68 degrees but rain is in the forecast along with severe weather. We shall see if Mother Nature cooperates for the Gras.

Now, being down here I had to think about my characters, Frankie, Kajika, and others from the upcoming series. The book is in stage one of line by line edits. I promise it shall be out no later than March! Oh, what about them? Well, while taking in the sites and smells of NOLA, I thought about my two men, wanting one another but not knowing how approach the relationship. You want someone so bad, it hurts and to complicate things, one of the men was the lover of a possible murder victim.

What about the setting they're in? The French Quarter, the Garden district, the outskirts of NOLA where many live away from the madness but get caught up the huge party known as the Gras. What else? The NOPD who I'm sure hates this time of year, because of how many people flock to this city just to party. Along with it comes a lot of crime in an already overly dangerous enviornment. More people, more trouble and work for them.

Still, NOLA has a lot to offer and I'm glad to be here to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Big Easy!

Well that's it for now. I'm going to get back to editing while i wait for the others to wake up. Next check-in will be from another muse most likely Tuesday.

Stay tuned for that! Take care for now!

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