Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wind Down Wednesday

Good Morning! Welcome to the Wind Down

I do love Depeche Mode, old and new because the mood and lyrics in their music are very inspiring.

I picked this one today because of the title, Halo. 

In the tune, Dave talks about guilt and being able to see that guilt most likely in the person he loves who might be seeing someone else and isn't telling him.

It made me think of stories about cheating, like my own Vertigo 2 which I haven't finished as of yet but, Hayden and David have that same issue.

This real happening is always a sticking point in romance. Some don't want to see it. Readers demand an HEA all the time with the characters totally faithful.

That is totally unrealistic to think that no one will ever desire someone else in a committed relationship. It's in our makeup to always look. The crime comes when you act on it.

The whole makeup of Vertigo 2 is jealousy for this couple who essentially gave up a lot to be together. They still love one another but within every relationship, there is always a temptation. 

Halo tells the story of the other person on the outside looking at his or her lover cheating on him with someone else.

Thanks Dave and Martin for the inspiring lyrics.

Look for Vertigo 2 in the future!

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