Friday, March 15, 2013

Flashback Fiction Friday - A Second Chance

Greetings readers

I'm here with another edition of Flashback Fiction Friday or Fab Fiction Friday

All of my books hold special places in my heart but this one is near the top of the list.

A Second Chance is a story of two cops who both lost their partners in love and work. Both are searching for happiness but how can they being part of the homophobic police force?

I look forward to expanding on this story at a later date. 

For now, enjoy the book in it's original form.

Blurb: Two cops who’ve lost their partners in the line of duty and life are both lonely but hesitant about beginning a relationship with someone new. Will one of them accept the others proposition to start over or remain alone because of their places on the police force?

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While we continued to chat, I noticed DeClerc in my peripheral. I couldn’t help but stare at him. I moistened my lips, biting the bottom as he came closer.


“Um, hello…” I looked past the chief to take a long gander at Daniel. I stood up, extending my hand. “I’m Farris Beason.”

He accepted. “Daniel Declerc. Nice to meet you.” The handshake was firm, his hands soft like a female.

Don chuckled, “See Beason, if you would’ve been in the right frame of mind you could’ve joined Daniel today.”

While we exchanged smiles, I gawked at the pretty face in front of me. Daniel was even more gorgeous up close. The only distraction was the defect on his finger. Who was lucky enough to call him theirs? I had to find out.

“Pity,” Daniel said with a grin. “Maybe when you’ve recovered from your wild night?” He cocked an eyebrow.

I laughed, “Yeah, um…maybe…”

We’d broken our hand gestures but not our gaze. Maybe he did play for my team, but the question remained, who was he married to?

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