Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Briefs #25

Ah good Wednesday Morning. 

Once again, Kat and Lacey have demanded that I write more about them so here it goes, a little of Kat and Lacey with the prompt, I knew you were the one, when...

Lacey blinked twice and backed away from Kat. Despite the tightness in his groin, he thought it best to finish their conversation. Kat seemed really serious about carrying a gun on his person and this bothered Lacey. He hated that Kat was hurting so much but he knew doing some form of vigilante justice wouldn’t help either.

“What’s wrong, bay?” Kat stepped closer to him and closed the space between him and Lacey. His hot breath tickled Lacey’s top lip. Kat ran his hands down Lacey’s sides, underneath his shirt. Tightly, he squeezed Lacey’s flesh, piercing him with his nails.
“Nothing. I don’t wanna hear you advocating violence, Kat. You’re smarter than that.”

“I know, Lacey but you know you can never be too careful. If fools see you with your guard down, they’ll take advantage. I can’t have that, Lacey.” Kat dropped his hands from Lacey’s waist to the underside of his ass. He pinched his skin through the soft material of his slacks, making Lacey gasp and swallow hard.

“Um, Kat…” Lacey closed his eyes and gasped at Kat’s touch.

“Hmm? Listen babe. As much as I’d like to chat with you about guns and why I need to pack one, I really want this hard and beautiful body on top of mine. I’m sure you could use a stress reliever and so could I.” Kat pressed one kiss on top of Lacey’s lips, then another until he had Lacey in an intense lip lock. Suprisingly, Kat lifted Lacey off the floor and carried him to the couch without much effort.

Lacey knew Kat was strong but not like that. Not too many people could move Lacey’s solid body. Kat’s strength definitely impressed him. “Damn, Kat…” Lacey dug his claws into Kat’s back, leaving marks on his caramel colored skin.

“Uh huh, baby boy. Got cha wanting me, don’t I?” Kat sat up straight a moment and yanked his t-shirt from over his head. He tossed it aside and collapsed his mouth on top of Lacey’s once more. Kat moaned into his embrace and sucked Lacey’s bottom lip until it hurt. Lacey really wanted to pull away again but he couldn’t help the emotions he was feeling right now. He ogled the script on Kat’s neck, noticing his dead lover’s name. Is he finally ready for this? “Kat…I…”

"What, Lace? I swear we can pick up this conversation tomorrow, right? We got the apartment all to ourselves, Larita is asleep. Let’s take advantage baby boy. You want me, I want you. Let’s stop fucking around and get down to business.”

“Mhmmm…” Lacey groaned and gripped Kat’s back muscles, circling them with his fingertips. Yeah he wanted this, oh damn did he but they weren’t finished talking about this gun thing. “Damn Kat, I swear.”

“What, beautiful? I make you crazy, right? De used to say the same thing. When it comes to sex, I forget everything logical, you know? All my thoughts just go out the window right then. And damn, Lace, it’s been a long time. Too long, man. I want that dick, baby. Gimme some of that!”

Immediately, the dirty talk caused his cock to strain against the zipper. Nothing he would’ve liked more than to make this man his for the night. Hell, for the rest of his life. They still had much to go over but this evening, they’d let it go in favor of some mind blowing lust. Sex. They needed it. Both men deserved it. “Okay then…I’ll do that, slim. But not here on the couch. Not too comfortable on this sofa.”

"I know right? I swear this thing’s had it. The springs have started showing and it’s discolored. It’s definitely seen better days.”

“Yeah it has.” Lacey pecked him again on the mouth and lightly shoved him until he was upright. “You sure you ready to take this step, baby? In the car, I wasn’t sure if you wanted me or hated me with the way you were talking.” Lacey hopped up off the cushions.

"Stop that now, bro. I was just worried about getting caught that’s all. I don’t live in Boystown and even if I did, I’m not sure we could get away with PDA.” Katlin took Lacey’s hands into his own, kissed them both, and traced his knuckles with his tongue. “Too bad it couldn’t have been me and you in the beginning Lace. I swear, I knew you were the one when we met on the basketball court almost two years ago. When I first saw you making those six threes in a row, I wished I was your man instead of DeMario's.”

Lacey looked away and grinned at the comment. “Why, cause of my basketball skills?”

“Naw man, more like how hot you looked in the MJ jersey. Sexy mofo, you. DeMario was jealous as hell. He didn’t let me live it down that night.”

“Yeah?” Lacey pulled Katlin in and hugged him tightly. Kat’s words about their first meeting took him back to that day on the court at Washington Park. Lacey couldn’t stop gawking at Kat and vice versa. “Then let me show you why you should’ve been mine first, Kat.”

“Yeah baby. We can talk tomorrow morning.”

* * * *

Uh, I see a love scene for the next time.

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Nephylim Author said...

Hot scene. I like these scenes even better than the blatant sex ones. It's hot, tender, erotic and sexy.

Cia said...

I like the rough and ready play, and how hot the guys are together. I found all the pet names that Kat was using for Lacey seemed a bit weird. Bay (typo for baby, maybe? which you also used), bro ... I did like sexy mofo though, LOL!