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Wednesday Briefs #27

Good morning and welcome to another Wednesday briefs by me, Michael Mandrake. Well, Katlin and Lacey really want their story to be written. Each week they bug me about a new part and I succumb to the muses. *laughs* I do love this couple and hopefully after Mon Frere and Pretty's sequels are done, I'll find the time to write their book.

For now, here is another part for them with the picture prompt, rain drops on glass. 

Rain Drops on Glass
(Kat and Lacey M/M)

After more kisses and gropes, Kaitlin and Lacey finished undressing and headed for Kaitlin’s bed. Thank goodness the baby didn’t wake when they made so much noise but Lacey had a feeling the night would still be short lived. After all, little Larita was barely one and from experience with his little baby brother, he knew at that age they still craved a parent’s or loved one’s touch in the middle of the night. Still, Lacey would enjoy the moment regardless of the circumstances. They finally had a moment alone after months of playing around with no action. Finally, Lacey and Kat were able to spend the night in each other’s arms. Lord knows, Lacey had been wishing and begging for it to happen for quite a while.

Lacey crawled in first on the side facing the window, not knowing which his desired partner preferred. Kat didn’t seem to mind at all since he said nothing when he took his favorite spot.

“Hey babes, lemme go take one last look at Larita and I’ll be back. Make yourself comfortable in there. Keep looking sexy,” he added with a grin. Kaitlin pulled a pair of sweatpants out the pile of clothes in the corner and tugged them over his naked thighs. He blew Lacey a kiss and left out quickly.

Lacey returned the smile and settled underneath the white cottony sheets. He leaned his head against the board and sighed when the soft fabric touched his skin. Kaitlin’s mattress was firm just how he liked it too. Seemingly another thing they had in common with one another.

Content, Lacey turned his attention to the window on his right. Small clusters of rain drops pelted the glass and a rumble of thunder followed by a flash of lightening lit up the night sky. “Good thing, we made it in just in time to avoid the storm.” If they were still outside, the date would’ve been ruined but making love with the rain as a backdrop would be romantic. Sometimes he was sappy like that and he laughed at himself because of it. He wondered if Katlin felt the same way about those lovey dovey things. The kind of shit they talk about in love songs. Lacey couldn’t recall the last time he had that kind of relationship with anyone. Hopefully Kaitlin would want that kind of lasting connection with Lacey now that they’d gotten over the initial hump. There were still many to come but Lacey was prepared for the long haul because Kaitlin was well worth it.

“She’s good for now.” Kat came back in, stripped off his pants, and jumped in bed making Lacey laugh. He cuddled up next to him, lay his head on his chest, and yawned while fingering the small patches of curls that lead to Lacey’s navel.

Lacey jerked a little and planted a kiss on Kat’s scalp, enjoying the warmth from his potential man’s body. Though shorter and slimmer than Lacey, the man was built solid like a brick house which had to come from Kat’s job working for delivery company as long as he did. Nothing hotter than muscle on muscle. Lacey had always been attracted to men who took good care of themselves much like he did. Kaitlin surely fit the bill. “You think Larita will allow us some more time in the wee hours of the morning?”

“Hope so. She’s a great kid, Lacey but she is teething right now so we’ll see what happens. Really, I should text Shanna and tell her to come back to the apartment and do her job as a momma.”

Lacey silently agreed, not wanting to stir up an argument with Kaitlin about his baby’s mother. Perhaps later on Lacey could talk to Kaitlin about taking over primary custody of Larita since it seemed Shanna wasn’t ready to be a proper parent. No real caring mother would leave a young child in a crib alone, even if it was to go right across the hall. How would she hear if the baby was crying? Thank goodness nothing had happened while she was out.

“Why so quiet, baby? I know what you’re gonna say…” Kaitlin’s brown inquisitive gaze met his.

“Then I won’t have to repeat it,” he interrupted him with a small peck on his lips. “I don’t wanna start a fight. It’s best for me to keep my opinions to myself. We’re having a good night and I don’t wanna ruin it.”

“You won’t and I suppose that’s something else we’ll talk about over coffee,” Kaitlin sighed and settled back against Lacey’s body. “I know what I have to do, babe. No worries there.”

“Good.” Lacey cradled Kaitlin’s firm torso close to his own and massaged his back underneath the covers. “Besides, I don’t wanna chat about that right now, anyway.” Lacey pointed at the window. “Did ya’ notice the rain outside, love? Sure makes for a perfect scene don’t it?”

“Mhmmm…” Kaitlin shifted until they were face to face again and softly caressed Lacey’s chin. “I love nights like this and even more so when I’ve got my hot man right next to me to share it with.”

That last statement brought Lacey out from his lust filled haze. “Yeah? Is that what I am? I hoped I would be.”

Kaitlin chuckled and pressed his lips on top of Lacey’s once again. “Of course you are, silly man. I don’t bring just anyone around my family, Lace. You gotta know that. Ever since De died, there hasn’t been anyone else in my life because I didn’t think I’d ever find another man that would make me happy but I should’ve known better. You and I had that thing when we saw each other on the court that day and it never left even though we didn’t get together right away.” Kaitlin looked away a moment and moistened his lips. “De was my man but there was no question I wanted you from the first time I saw you, Lace. Now that we’ve this chance, let’s make the most of it.” A stray tear slid down Kaitlin’s face and he sniffed but didn’t break their moment of staring at one another.

Lacey’s breath caught in his chest and he kissed the moisture from his lover’s face. “We will baby. I’ve never wanted anything so much in my whole life.”

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed.

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More awwww moments! That was so sweet. I don't see the rain as romantic, it rains here too much, lol. But it still made for a great scene. Good job.