Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wind Down Wednesday

Good morning!

Now that Mon Amour has been released, it's time for me to turn my attention on I Love it Rough, the sequel to I Like Em Pretty

Of course, I've insisted to Shar because of comments from readers and my own pushiness we add more about Frankie's job as a detective and less on the romance. 

How do we weave this into Kajika's book is still being worked out but I'm sure when we start writing more details we can come up with something.

Since this is Kajika's novel, this song by DM just speaks to me.

My character saying how much he wants to be involved with someone and needs someone to feel fulfilled.

By Kajika's actions in this upcoming book, you'll discover how much he enjoys being in a relationship long term despite his immature actions that make his lover furious!


Look for ILIR to be out in late September/October

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