Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shar's Personal Project Guardian Angel

Thanks to Dakota Trace for the cover

Sometime next week, Shar and I will release this story as a tribute to her cousin who sadly committed suicide 2 years ago.

It's a story near and dear to her heart that she was going to release under her own name but decided since the story will have a love story sequel, she gave it to me to be the author.

This book isn't a love story, rather a story of hope about a young man struggling with his sexuality and looking for a way out. 

He gets it from a place he never expects and in the end, he finds the courage with the help of his sister and a counselor at a well known organization for young gays to cope.

It was a tough story to write and we're now finishing up edits so we can release it by late next week.

Half the proceeds from the book will go to The Trevor Project to help other young people in the GLBT community.

Stay tuned for more on the book!

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