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Saturday Sips - Mon Frere, Plus One

Book 2 Mon Amour
Greetings folks. I just finished first draft on Mon Frere, plus One which is the 3rd book in the N'awlins Exotica Paranormal series. There are 2 more after this one and our beloved twins will fade into N'awlins Exotica as well as another GLBT series I have coming tentatively called Immortal Souls which features Angel Calisto and demon Valios from Demon Be Mine.

Back to book 3, this one goes more  in depth with the twins and Rylands sudden desire for a third. It's a little scary too as Valios makes an appearance in this story. I also introduce Wade and Waylon Mooney into the fold and there is a special appearance by Kajika as well. It's a long one, look for it to be released by Halloween or the first week of November.

Unedited Excerpt

“I’m wavering, I’m sinkin into the abyss, with you,” Wade Mooney strummed his acoustic guitar on the steps of the Down Home lounge. Because he was good friends with the owner, he allowed him to use this place as his stage while the place was closed. Wade wished he could get some kind of big time deal to support himself and mother in her time of need. The money from his brother Waylon only went so far.
As he continued to wail, a small crowd gathered around him, clapping to his melodies and moving to the beats with him and his background band. Despite the fact they did pretty good with the change, bus cards, and food from onlookers, it was never enough. Wade really hated taking money from his more successful brother all the time. He paid his rent, gave him cash anytime he asked for it and Wade was starting to feel like more of a burden. Still, Wade knew his sibling didn’t mind. The kind hearted Waylon Mooney would never say no.
Besides that, much of Waylon’s Money went to taking care of their sick mother. The insurance she had only went so far and the bills had gotten out of control. Wade knew he had to do something so robbing the old lady he’d helped over the last couple of months was necessary. Sure he felt guilty but she was too rich to notice the three thousand he’d taken anyway.
“My, my, my…little sister…can’t stop thinkin about your love.” Wade rolled his eyes at the lyrics his band mate had written. Wade could care less about a woman but his drummer, Dave, didn’t think any tunes about manlove would go over well with the masses. Wade mentioned artists like Adam Lambert but David balked at it, saying he wouldn’t be singing any “faggot” songs. At times, Wade wished he could ask David to leave the band, but he was by far the best drummer they’d played with.
“Sing it, babe.” Interrupting him, a pretty young woman yelled out to Wade, dancing to the beat and snapping her fingers in front of the small crowd. As if on stage, she twirled around and maneuvered her body, much to everyone’s enjoyment.
Despite not being attracted to the ladies, he took pleasure in seeing someone dance to one of their tunes. “Go on, baby… go for it, now.” Wade continued to strum, looking away from woman to concentrate on his notes. He loved the interaction of the crowds and wished his band could land regular gigs to make extra money. Of course if that happened there would have to be changes if they were to be successful. The question was how far Wade was willing to go to get to the top? This was the reason Wade’s Nola Connection Band stayed in the shadows even here in their own state. Wade was too headstrong to change and too lazy to do a lot more than what he had to. If only he had the same drive as his brother Waylon, then he might not be in this situation.
One more lyric and couple of picks of the strings and Nola Connection was done with this set. At the close of the song, people cheered and applauded, leaving change and dollar bills in the small case before them. Much to Wade’s chagrin the song his drummer wrote seemed to be quite a hit every time they sung it. Too bad he couldn’t change the words around to fit his sexual preference.
“Hey, see there, man… see…” David ran up behind, clasping him on the back. “Told ya that song would be a crowd pleaser.” Smiling wide, he crouched down, picking up the wads of money in the guitar case.
“Yeah, yeah, alright, you told me… still it don’t mean nothin’, dude. When we get some kind of regular gig or a deal then come talk to me.” Wade glared at David and his other guitarist, Sid grabbing handfuls of the cash. Yeah he liked the money a whole lot but could care less about this chump change. The fact remained he was still broke, living off his brother when he, the older of the two, shouldn’t be such a moocher. Wade knew he should be setting the example, not following it.
David looked up from his kneeling position with discerning eyes. “Well, when you gonna get that for us, Wade? I mean, we been waiting for your lazy ass to come through with something. Unlike you, me and Sid got day jobs and families to feed. We don’t need this as much as you do but yet, you ain’t done a whole lot to make things happen.”
Wade’s brows furrowed and he tossed his guitar pick away. “Fuck you, man! I’ve been making some calls to get things going, right? I talked with a couple of bars in Metarie about playing there and in Mississippi.”
“Yeah, at the same tired places we been at man? What about deals, what about sending our shit to some companies or having people come check us out, here? I thought that was your main focus, man?”
Wade grimaced when David spewed the same idiotic nonsense he’d heard before. “Dude, people don’t do that shit anymore; they DIY every fucking thing. You put your shit on Facebook, upload on Youtube which I’ve done… We got over six hundred thousand hits for some of our street performances, man. Just hoping to get noticed by someone, that’s all. It will happen too…mark my words, man.”
David held his hands up. “Alright, man. Don’t forget, this is mostly your dream. And again, you won’t get very far singin’ songs about boys when you are one. That guy Lambert got lucky…” He stuffed a few bills in his pockets as did Sid. “Left most for you, dude. Why don’cha buy some new duds with it or something?” I gotta get to work.”
“Yeah me too, man. See ya tomorrow night, then?” Sid snapped his case closed and slung it over his back.
“Yeah, later dudes.” Wade waved them away and dropped to his knees, taking the rest of the money for himself. As much as he wanted to buy some clothes, he couldn’t, knowing tonight’s money would be for groceries for the next three days. Too bad for that too because many of the pairs of jeans he owned were starting to show wear and tear. Perhaps Waylon would take pity on him and take Wade shopping when he arrived back in town in the next few weeks. Waylon hardly said no to his brother and Wade was mighty grateful for this fact.
Sighing, he loaded his own jean pockets with the last of the money and placed his guitar on the case. The Down Home was due to open any minute now and he needed to move before the masses made their way inside. Perhaps he’d stick around a moment, especially to meet that hot man who he ogled a few days ago.
That creature, that man was strikingly beautiful. He was so damn shy he refused to come out of the shadows. The poor man must’ve been so afraid he hid behind a car, trying to stay away. Wade wished he didn’t. Someone so beautiful shouldn’t be covering themselves. But before he could react or introduce himself, he was gone and hadn’t come back to this spot since.
“Where are you sexy man?” Wade tilted his head to the side, peering at the people gathering at the entrance to get into the club. This was however one of the best places in the quarter for people to enjoy cheap drinks and great music. Tourists flocked to the Down Home because of its favorable reputation. Wade lifted his case and nodded at onlookers. “Have fun ladies and gents and when you come out don’t forget to tip your friendly street performer.” Wade yanked his pack of cigs out his pocket and headed to the corner.
Wade’s routine everyday was to play on the steps with the band then on the sidewalk to perform alone. Here he’d be able to do his own songs without worrying about David or Sid.
With his Marlboro hanging from his mouth, he pulled out his guitar and popped a squat on the blanket be used as a seat. Softly, he stroked the strings, thinking about the gorgeous stranger who ran away.

Hey good looking man, why don’cha come back and see me play.

Hope you enjoyed! If you haven't read book one follow the link here.

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