Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Sip - Mon Frere, Plus One

And here's a little sip from Ryland and Ryder's newest book! Hope you enjoy it!

“Ah, my love has grown over time and has now turned into a problem for me and my lover. Dale, despite all I have done to forget, I cannot, I will not. I will fight anyone for you, including my beloved. He must understand how much you mean to me.” Ryland finished his sentence and placed his feathered pen on top of the desk. Right now, thoughts of the handsome human roamed his mind, driving him wild, and his imagination changing into a romantic movie on playback.
“Dale… what have you done to me, oh sweet one?” Ryland leaned back in the chair, still naked from the copulation he’d enjoyed with his brother.  For the first time, he wasn’t embarrassed by his own body. He walked proudly about the house, his cock bobbed against his belly, hardening at the thought of Dale Mooney. “Suddenly, I want you to be more than just an inspiration for my books.”  Ryland shook his hair out from in front of his face and lowered his lids. “Why can’t my brother understand how good we’d be together?”
To enjoy the late night air, he stood near the window to feel the cool breeze.
At times, even a vampire could appreciate the weather in New Orleans.
Although upset by his brother’s departure, Ryland knew in his cold heart Ryder would be back. Perhaps some time away from one another would be best. He would realize what they had and how it could be enhanced by the addition of Dale Mooney. Ryland had spent the last few days thinking about it and concluded:  the majority of their issues would be solved if Dale said yes.
If he says yes.
 Would he agree to be their lover? Why wouldn’t he want two loving immortals caring and nurturing him as he needed? Much like Ryland and Ryder, Dale and his younger brother Waylon spent a good part of their childhood without parents, only to be cared for by Dorthea Mooney who took them both in when they were ten and nine. Surely they could relate, even if only on that point. No one would understand Dale better than Ryland and Ryder.
“Mmph…” Aroused at the thought of him, Ryland leaned his head against the glass pane and sucked in a breath. He tugged at his dick, inciting pre-cum from the slit. “Oh, Dale, I would love to pierce the sweet spot between your thighs.” Ryland threw his head back and stared at the designs in the ceiling. His hand moved swiftly over his own flesh, pulling, yanking. He gnashed his teeth together, feeling the heat surrounding him. “Oh… fu−ugh.” Ryland hadn’t known himself to curse during sex, but his arousal started to get the best of him. He quickened his pulling, rubbing his own release into his skin. Close to eruption, his nipples hardened, and his eyes rolled back in his head. Images of Dale on all fours, taking him completely caused the climax to happen quickly. “Dale.” Ryland shuddered, and his lips quivered. Colorful lights flashed in front of his eyes. “Ugh.” Ryland shot long streams of jizz onto the glass, giving any possible onlookers quite the show. None of it bothered him at all, unlike before, when he’d be embarrassed showing any bit of skin.

How could this be that he didn’t care about being exposed during a very personal moment? He’d begun watching adult films a lot more, masturbating to the content. Obviously his brother’s wild tendencies were becoming part of Ryland’s personality, and actually, in a way, he liked it. 

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