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Wednesday Briefs #41 - Valios and Calisto

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This story has definitely ran it's course

Meaning it's time to plot out Valios and Calisto's book

So this is the last brief I'm doing for them. I hope you enjoyed it.

Let's use the prompt Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

Calisto! No, what are you doing?

A telepathic voice sounded in Calisto’s head as he stood waiting for the final blow from the demon he loved. He knew this move would get Valios’ attention but also someone’s in the heavens, either Michael’s or the Father’s.


“Leave me be, Michael! I want the man I love to put me out of my misery! Better death than to be with someone I’ll love!” Calisto stuck out his chest and opened his arms, waiting for Valios to give the final blow to strike him down. Tears fell from his eyelids and beads of sweat gathered on his brow. His heart thudded against his ribs, afraid of what the demon was capable of but this he knew would be the only way. “Valios…” Calisto gnashed his teeth. “Now!”

Valios vehemently shook his head and got up from his kneeling position. He balled his hands at his sides and walked away, not saying another word. Seemingly, Valios was at odds with his father and himself, not wanting to do as Calisto asked. “No Calisto! Michael, come take your fellow angel away, forever! Take his wings away, whatever you have to do to keep him away from me!”

On cue, winds swirled around Calisto, pulling him from the realms of hell. He’d come on his own accord, not telling anyone of his whereabouts. This would land him in a heap of trouble but he felt Valios to be worth it. “No!” Calisto reached out for Valios, hoping he’d grab hold to him. “Valios, please!”

“Never angel! Go back to where you belong!” Valios didn’t bother to turn around and look Calisto in the eye. “Goodbye forever, my love. We will meet again…someday during the great war!”

“No!” Calisto closed his eyes tight, struggling to stay in the realm but the force from above was too strong. His nails scratched the tiles as the strong gusts drove him backwards. Undoubtedly Michael, the strongest angel was the one doing this. Calisto and Michael were constantly at odds. He never thought Michael would save him from this dangerous fate.

Calisto! You are in an unsafe place. The demons will feast upon you at any moment! Come back to where you belong. You have proved your point.

“Ugh!” Calisto yelled feeling the wind whipping around his head. Bitter cold air sent chills throughout his body. “Valios…” His teeth chattered as he attempted to speak to his lover one last time before Michael forced him back into the heavens. “You do…love me, you care for me…”

“Yes…” Valios answered but still did not move from his position. “Now go, angel before my inner instincts turn on you or worse yet, my father takes you for his own little toy!”

Calisto winced, not able to hold on any longer. In moments, Michael’s power drove him backwards, away from the realm and out of Valios sight. Calisto flew through the clouds, back into the heavens. “Umph.” Calisto landed with a thud, feeling the pain of being hurled backwards with such power. He shook his head and moistened his chapped lips, stinging from the cold.

“Calisto? Have you gone mad?” Michael’s voice rang in Calisto’s ears.

Calisto moved his brown curls from his face but didn’t look around, knowing Michael’s disappointment in him. In reality, he could care less if Michael was upset. Michael wasn’t the one he had to please. “No, I haven’t. The being I love doesn’t desire me…”

“That being you love is a monster, Calisto.” Michael kneeled down and caressed Calisto’s forehead. His face was stern but his eyes were soft, seemingly filled with compassion. “You could’ve been killed by anyone there, Calisto. You are powerful but not enough to withstand the wrath of Lucifer or his minions.”

“I didn’t want to!” Calisto dropped his head, shying away from Michael’s touches. His flesh was still tender from the journey and the cold wind. “What I want, doesn’t want me back but…” Calisto clutched his chest and sighed deeply. “I can take some comfort knowing that he loves me and always will.” He brought his legs up to his body and lay his head on his knees. “Valios had the chance to kill me and did not. That in itself says something.”

“Perhaps but…you know you cannot love him now, right? Angels and demons cannot coexist. I read his heart, Calisto. He does feel for you, this is true but he would always have the desire to torture or kill you. Deep down he is a killer…”

“Of men, humans, not of angels…” Calisto interrupted. “Not me, Michael…he did not hurt me.”

“Maybe not then but he would always want to. His father would want him to, Calisto.” Michael got up and stretched his hand out for Calisto to take. “Come, Calisto… come talk to the Father and tell him your woes. He is willing to forgive you for this stunt but you must forget the demon Valios being your lover. We’re just not meant to be in relationships together, Calisto…not ever.”

Calisto still wouldn’t believe that regardless of what Michael said. Deep down, he knew he could be with Valios without selling his soul to Lucifer. There had to be some kind of way for the two of them to live in harmony as they were, but how? Calisto had to find a way. He would not live with anyone else nor leave Valios in the realms of hell to rot alone. Calisto shook his head, looking away from Michael. “Please do me a favor and tell the Father I shall be along shortly…”

“Why Calisto? He wishes to see you to talk about your desires for the demon. In truth, you should be punished for leaving the heavens on your own accord, especially to the realms of hell. He is giving you a chance to explain your actions.”

Calisto wrapped his robe tighter around his body, still feeling a slight chill in his bones. He wished to be left alone to wallow in his own grief. “I am aware but…I need to heal, Michael.”

“For what Calisto? Do not tell me you are that upset about this. I’m aware you feel for the demon but…”

Calisto hugged himself. “I love him, Michael. I always will regardless of what anyone says to me and now that I know he feels the same it makes this so much worse.”

Michael kneeled down again to Calisto’s level and rubbed his head. “You’ll get over it, Calisto. You will love again and next time it will be the right person…”

“Never will I love anyone a much as I love Valios.” He rubbed his own arms and sniffed, “My heart belongs with the soul catcher, Michael…it always will. It’s broken…and nothing will ever be right without him in my life.”

“Ah Calisto, you are a young angel. You’ll find someone who is much like you and fall in love again. Trust me.” Michael lightly patted his shoulder.

Calisto shrugged away from the angel’s touches. “Can you mend a broken heart, Michael? I had no idea I could have one until now.” Fresh tears ran down Calisto’s cheeks, feeling the pain of rejection. “I’ll never love anyone like I did Valios…and I never will.”

* * * *

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