Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ending on a positive note

Ok, I just realized I need to end my blogging tonight on a positive note.

Here is a little thinking I am doing towards my next Duran Slash Fic. ENJOY

Nick is speaking...Based on the song "Lonely In Your Nightmare"

Damnit, how could I not remember
to call John tonight and wish him a happy 49th birthday?
If only he knew that I had secretly been wishing that
we would've spent most of his 49 vs my 47 togetha...not just as friends
but as a couple. Yes that's what I said a couple.
Damn Gela, damn Julieanne, Madeline, and all those otha slags
that kept me away from the one "true" love of my life
My man, my JT foreva in my heart, neva physically far away
but in reality I am trapped in the hellish thought I will neva be able to hold him
Like i've always wanted to do
Damnit John, let me in...

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