Saturday, March 27, 2010

Excerpt from Lust, Liquor, and Weed

OK, I had to give you an excerpt of this. It is a submission for the Starbooks anthology entitled, Rock and Roll All Over.

Starbooks is a mid major m/m publishing company.

Please read and enjoy this scene involving Corey, Bryan, and my two hotties down below.

Our set was a success. After we went off, Omerta came on whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Although we were the headliners, we had agreed with them we would take turns playing the last slot. Besides, they were our best friends in this business.

Bryan had gotten the husky guys number so he could call him when we were done. He wanted to bring them up to the balcony to watch Omerta with us.

As he walked into the box where we all sat with Burnt Ash along with some whores, Renee’ and others, my mouth dropped to the floor. Seeing these two up close put an immediate smile on my face.

The Caucasian was burly with an arm full of tattoos while his black partner had the prettiest eyes I had ever seen.

After Bryan introduced them to the others, he brought them over my way.

“Jason, David, this is Corey our bass player.” Bryan smiled at me while taking a drag of his joint.

“Hey man, it’s a pleasure to meet cha. I’m David.” The bigger one extended his hand grinning at me in the process. I accepted it turning my eyes towards his man.

Although David was quite the hot one, I could not help but look at his companion. His hazel eyes were mesmerizing, not to mention the caramel color of his skin.

Wanting to know his name, I reached out my hand towards him. “And you are…”

“Jason, nice to meet you my man,” he said with a smile and a firm handshake.
The moment our eyes met, I knew this would be a good night.

During Omerta’s performance we were so into it, there was not much room for conversation. However, the looks that were exchanged between Jason and I said it all. David did not seem to mind either which made it even better.

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