Monday, March 15, 2010

Gay for Pay

I have a thought...

When reading the description under the flick I watched with hottie, I saw that he had first did the movie because he was interested in acting and being gay for pay??

Wow! That is quite a job. Of course, because I've watched porn for soooo long I always thought that all the actors had to be either gay or bi...that couldn't be furthest from the truth!

This one said that was his ambition, but in the interview I read with him, he says he now considers himself bi.

I wonder, do the actors in gay movies, whether it be porn or mainstream gay flicks or even in Queer as Folk (RIP) were they gay in real life or gay for pay?

I'm sure some of them were but I'm mean if you like pretending to have sex with men doesn't that mean that you like doing it and you do gay movies or scenes because you have an interest in men that needs feeding? LOL

Acting is the perfect outlet for these gentlemen to live their fantasies out without necessarily being classified as gay.

However, my thought is do what you want...if it turns you on to be with another guy please by all means do it! Don't worry about what others say!

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