Saturday, March 27, 2010

Haven't posted for a minute...

Because I have been BUSY!

Between finishing submission calls, taking care of family matters, and watching porn...LOL I've been quiet.

Imagine that, a quiet gay man/female!

I have just finished the Wretched Six. It's titled, Delicacies: Lust, Liquor, and Cannabis. It was written for Starbooks press but really this can be used for ANY short story gay erotica book.

Of course it involves my two main characters Corey and Bryan. After a wild night with lead singer Nicolai, they find two hunks at their show in the mosh pit no less.

That will be the subject of my next post btw.

Now what else have I been doing besides the above along with obsessing over hottie...hmmm

Ah well, I am back. Just keep checking back with me. I will post an excerpt from Delicacies in a moment.

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