Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's ok to be GAY!!

Despite what society says about us (Yes I said us because I am a gay man inside a womans body)it's ok to be GAY!

When are people going to realize that if it doesn't concern you, it is none of your business? If you don't like it, so WHAT? Who the fuck asked you anyway?

You don't like seeing men touch or kiss, don't look. When did it become your business in regards to what other people that you don't know do in their bedrooms?

Like our proud slogan, we're here, we queer, get used to it!

*Breathing* Ok, now that I said that. I politely want to say to all my gay friends, it is really ok to be gay. Unfortunately, the people that don't like us are louder that the people who do or just don't give a rats ass! Your morality is your own. The only person you should be concerned with is God if you believe in him. If not, then what are you worried about?

Yes, I know. There are drawbacks. The opportunities become slim, you might loose people in your corner etc. However, how much happier will you be if you were out and free?

People always have issues with one another, it is part of our fucked up human make up. If you're not the right sexual orientation, not the right weight, not the right height, your nose is too big, you're too dark, you don't talk the right way...you get the point!

The thing is you have to be you to be happy. You were not put on this earth to please other people especially mother fuckers you don't know. So why worry? Hiding won't make it any better. If the people you know really truly love and respect you then they will accept you for who you are. As far as those other people, fuck em!

LIVE YOUR LIFE AND ENJOY IT! life is too short to worry about peoples opinions!

It really is OK TO BE GAY!

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