Sunday, March 21, 2010


For fear I might get kicked of here, I decided not to post the picture I have of hottie kissing another man. LOL


To me, kissing is the most erotic part of any sexual encounter for any sexual orientation. It is defined as to touch or press with the lips slightly pursed. An expression of love, affection, and reverence.

To see two hot men kiss is the BEST part of any gay porn for me. If it doesn't have at least a little bit, then I might lose interest.

So this weekend, I rented the film Focus/Refocus with hottie and!!! Jesus. The man seems to kiss so fucking well that it did more than just keep me interested. The beginning of the movie shows hottie in a approx. 35 minute love scene with his boyfriend in the movie. Now, the boyfriend is not all that hot but I can see why they picked him. (big dick, nice ass for a pro top) However, that didn't stop me from staring a hole into the screen. DAMN.

Then, there are the online interviews I found of him with the aforementioned porn blogger Nick. Not just once did he kiss his co-man of the year but twice because I found another where he smooches Austin Wilde out of nowhere. DAMN again.

I mean, wow. If I were his man or woman...

Its not just HIM kissing that pushes my buttons though. Seeing the lip lock of two guys is just HOT! With men that look like hottie, even hotter...

He has inspired me, I have ideas...many ideas...

Stay tuned.

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