Friday, March 19, 2010

More About Hottie

Oh my!

Ok so I couldn't really sleep and since everyone in the house was in bed I decided to do more David T stalking. Of course, I had to watch two more movie scenes with him which were rather sexy!!! One he actually talked to the dude while pounding him, about the Philadelphia Eagles no less. I guess the guy had never been a bottom and this was his first time being topped! Whew...

Also, I found a couple of video interviews on him, one that was really hot that I will not post because I don't want to get bounced off Blogger. It was a tad raunchy.

He was interviewed by some dude named Nick along with his studio mate Austin. (Raging Stallion studios for those keeping score.) During the video Nick talked with both but at the end he asked them to make out...WOW! Oh my. It was sooo hot, I had to watch it twice. ;P

Austin and David were named Raging Stallions co-Men of the Year 2010. Whew...

Now, David has also starred in other porn flicks such as Nailed and Screwed, Focus/Refocus which will be the subject of my next post, and The Visitor

Before turning to porn, hottie also had a couple of mainstream roles on Alias, Passions, and General hospital. He is also a college grad and former Marine!!!

WHOA...OK really. You might say I am a tad bit whipped. Only in my dreams I am because in real life I am a happy writer and house wife!

If you would like to obsess over him some then please google him but here is his website to start. David Taylor

Just for the record, he is officially named Hottie by me. Oh and he would be my gay, bi, man fantasy and my straight woman one as well. ;P

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