Thursday, March 18, 2010

NEW story idea

Married older man who seeks sexual fulfillment finds hot cruiser boy and falls for him. During their romance, the cruisers ex comes back and tries to lure him back in to their relationship.

The ex though finds he is interested in the older man as well. Can the older man find happiness with either or will he explore being involved in a menage?

Now, Anderson Cooper I love! The fact that he is somewhat closeted makes me cast him in this role. Marco dapper, well he is straight but the good looks and the fact he has played a bi man makes me cast him in this story. Then there is Mr. Taylor...well of course it's his looks and then the fact that he is admittedly bi. Also, I have seen his act on screen!

Not even sure what I will name it or what the characters names will be but Mr. Taylor's looks have inspired me!!! Whew...

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