Friday, March 19, 2010

Rejection again...


So I officially hate Dreamspinner Press. No, no i'm kidding! However, that doesn't stop the disappointment of being rejected by this company yet AGAIN!

Not only that, the editor just sent me an email. (it is 12:05 am in Chicago)

The story I sent them was "The Coven" a story I had worked quite hard on and used the 4 Durans as models. It is part of a new series I'm doing and really it is quite the tale, if I must say so myself.

Now, being a writer or any kind of creator, you will have to deal with rejection, but this one kind of stings because I believe one of my best efforts was put into this story. It had a little fright, a little sex, and a PLOT which is rather important these days in Erotica.

So needless to say I am BUMMED but I'm not broken. Even though Dreamspinner didn't accept it, doesn't mean someone else won't take it.

Now on to watching David T to make me feel better. ;P

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