Saturday, March 20, 2010

Excerpt from "The Og Coven"

For the record, I did not have a model for the character Jude who is in the scene I'm about to post. I thought I would have to go looking for old pics of John Hensley (Actor for As The World Turns). LOL

The OG Coven is a tale about a gay male cult who rules the Realm. (Must read the whole story to know what that is) William Zephyr is the grandson of one of the heads of the Coven and he has been brought to the land of Bellus Vir to make a decision.

In this scene, Jude (David T) and Nickolai (Roger T) are tempting William (John T) after they have just had sex. William has just masturbated to the sounds of their lovemaking. This will make me feel enjoy and if you are so inclined, comment.


This one particular evening, I decided to stay awake and read deeper into the story of Jude and Nickolai. I was so taken by these two that my thoughts constantly reverted back to them. Jude played with my affections, always kissing all the men in front of me, changing himself to look exactly like me; he knew I wanted him more than I wanted anyone.

As I continued to read Jude’s story, I heard his cry of pleasure. “YES! Ahhh, Nickolai, please, harder baby! Now, please!”

I closed my eyes letting the book fall on the bed. “Mmm…Jude, I cannot wait to hear you cry out for me.” Suddenly, I felt something take over me.

“UNDRESS,” I whispered. In moments, I was completely naked on the bed. I lay back, pinched my nipples, and ran one of my hands between my legs.

“Mmm…” escaped my lips, as I took hold of my own cock. Slowly, I stroked the shaft while caressing my balls.

“Ah,” my breaths quickened, as I took my other hand from my nipple, then down to the hole that ached to be filled.

On earth, I usually desired the top however now that I was among so many gorgeous men I wanted to be the bottom. I rubbed and probed it with one of my fingers. “Shit…” I jerked my dick faster, as I thought of Jude being fucked. “Ohh…” I pulled the finger out, and then pushed two inside.

“Nickolai, Ohh, yes. Take me now!” Jude yelled.

Faster I jerked pushing the fingers in deeper. “OH FUCK!” I felt the liquid shoot from my cock onto my stomach and thighs.

“JUDE, AH!” yelled Nickolai. After hearing Nickolai’s cry of pleasure, thunder shook the house.

Exhausted, I smiled and thought to myself how long it had been since I masturbated. I rose up and looked at the mess on my stomach. “Wow that was a lot. Jude, you really have an effect on me.”

Just as I was, about to go clean myself up, Jude entered the room with Nickolai behind him.

For whatever reason, I didn’t try to cover up; I wanted them to see me naked.

“Mmm, Nickolai, it appears our sweet prince was aroused by our session.” Jude said, with flames in his eyes with a wicked smile that caused my flaccid cock to rise a bit.

“True, Jude, it also looks as if his needs help getting cleaned up.” Nickolai flashed a smile my way as well.

Jude nodded and knelt down at the side of the bed. He leaned over my stomach slowly dragging his tongue through the puddle, taking the excess into his mouth. Immediately, my body’s temperature matched that fire in his eyes.

“Ahh, Jude…” I moved my hand to caress his head.

Nickolai came over kissing my lips very lightly. “This is what you desire, young prince; however, we cannot go any further just yet. Believe me, we will be well worth your wait.”

When Jude finished “cleaning” me, he got up leaning in to kiss my lips. “William, I can’t wait to give you my gift!” He grabbed my head thrusting his tongue inside.

Nickolai leaned in again joining us in the embrace. Both of their tongues were in my mouth making me dizzy. “Mmmph, ohh G…”

Jude and Nickolai stopped to laugh. “We know what you meant. He knows, too, love.” Nickolai said, while tracing my face with his fingertips.

Again, a kiss from both, and they pushed me down on the bed. “Sleep, sweet prince, we shall see you in the morning,” said Nickolai.

Within moments, they vanished, and I lay there with a raging hard on and a smile. *I can’t wait for my homecoming.* With that last thought, I said COVER and the blanket floated upwards, then over me. Once I was fully underneath, I fell asleep for probably the last time.


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