Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Women writing M/M

Originally posted 2/22/10
Even though i'm a female, I find it very enjoyable to write about two men having sex. And listen boys and girls this was BEFORE Queer as Folk and the lovely Here channel were introduced.

Way back in the late nineties, I used to visit a store in Boystown(Chicago) and rent gay porn with Jeff Stryker, the late and forever hunky Joey Stefano among others. Unfortunately, this included no latex but ah well.

It was sexy then and it's still hot to me now.

Yet I wonder, as females are we qualified for this? Some gay men think we aren't. We are not realistic, too sappy, etc. What the hell?

Just because you are a female doesn't mean that you are totally in the dark.

I mean, don't gays kiss, like heteros do? Caress? have anal like some do? There really isn't much difference. And gay couples go through the same heartaches as heteros do.

So why am I not qualified to write m/m??? I am so deal with it! However, if there is something I need to improve on in my stories let me know.

The inbox is open!


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