Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Since baseball season has started...

it has prompted me to work on a tale I actually started some time ago.

I love when I can go back to things I've left alone and have new things to add.

Since I love baseball, I have wrote a tale starring the two characters up above. One of my faves Marco Dapper (brunette with the bare chest) and the cutie that stars with hottie in Focus/Refocus, Cole Streets.

This story is written for the Gay Romance anthology that I am submitting for.

Cole looks the part, beautiful eyes not traditionally gorgeous like David or Marco but still like the character he plays in the movie, he is a man that has had few boyfriends.

Marco is my baseball player, Jake Valenta. Actually, in my story he will play for my fave baseball team, the Chicago White Sox! How fun right?

Anyway, when I am done I will post an excerpt...

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