Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hello to all my readers, followers, lurkers and the like!

At the moment, I am working on some more JUICY DD Fic as well as my steampunk m/m tale tentatively titled, Vertigo.

I'm not even sure I can use that since it is the title of the old Alfred Hitchcock film.

Since the site has reached over 500 hits, it makes me want to write more to please my fans! LOL

Not to mention, I love putting the Duran boys in love stories. I usually use them as models in my actual erotica because they were however, my first loves.

The tales are a John/Simon/Nick tale called Magnificent three and John/Roger called Tight which I am penning as we speak.

WOOHOO I am too excited. I love how it is turning out.

This has actually made me stop obsessing about hottie so much. I haven't watched any David Taylor since MONDAY! I know you are SHOCKED!

Will keep all of you posted.

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