Friday, October 8, 2010

Excerpt A Different Kind of Family Portrait

David Taylor, my MIA fave porn star, is one of the models in this story, playing himself. Here is the excerpt...

“Hmph, damn baby. I wish you would have told me this was gonna hurt,” Gregory said to me as he looked at the ink he had just gotten.

“Gregory, he did tell you that, but you were a little too busy eyeing me this morning,” said David after kissing him.

The art depicts the three of us partially unclothed putting our right hands on top of one another. We had decided to do this to show our love and promised commitment. David and I went first since we had work done, quite a lot actually. On the other hand, this was Gregory’s first tattoo and he was barely making it through.

As our personal artist, continued to place the silver tool to his skin, he winced while grabbing my hand. For such a big man, he is such a baby!

“Gregory, it will be over soon, love.” David rubbed his bicep that was not being assaulted right then.

“Jason, to make him feel better we should fuck him extra special tonight right? I mean we did trick him into this by saying we’d be going to a strip club.” David massaged Gregory’s bulge in his pants.

Approvingly, I smiled at one of my husbands while looking at the other in obvious discomfort.

How lucky I am to be in love with not one, but two very gorgeous men. All of us are quite the lookers, drawing attention from everyone everywhere we go. However, it was not important to any of us. We had always known since high school that we’re meant to be together, although not in this fashion.

“Ow…God…when is this going to end?” Gregory whined clenching his fists.

Gregory is this trios’ muscleman. Even though we’re all built, he is a former Mr. America. While at a male beauty pageant showering, he figured out that he liked men much more than women.

Joe laughed at our girly man squealing because of the annoying pain.

“Greg, hon, it’s not that bad. Jason and I go through this all the time, just relax…” David kissed Gregory on the head.

David is our heartthrob. Our former porn star made his discovery after making out with a male co-star at the nude video awards after a party. In his words, Adrian’s lips were begging to be kissed; so he did. Moreover, Adrian made up his mind that night he would show David the finer things about being a homosexual through physical orientation.

David reached out for my hand, licking the back of it. “So are we gonna give our cry baby somethin’ to remember this night, the culmination of our union?”

Amused, I smiled at David taking his hand, sucking his fingers. “Yes lover, we will.” That minute I enveloped his lips with mine.

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