Friday, October 8, 2010

Rawiya's first M/M!


The story is entitled SUGAR DADDY and was accepted by STARbooks to be published early 2011. Again, of course, the men above are only used as models. I feel that when I do these, it brings my characters to life, helps me visualize the situations with them a lot better than just doing without.

It used to be just a thing I was doing for DuranErotica but now, I do it to keep the story in my brain, and allow me to see the characters as they tell me what to write. ;P *laughs*

The tale pens, Matthew Davidson (left) as a young student who wants a boyfriend, the issue? He wants to date an older, established black man to take care of him, a Sugar Daddy. To find what he desires, he visits a website, using his friend, Devon Peartley's (center) picture. The man on the right, Antwon puts out an ad and Matthew and Antwon begin to chat.

Now though, Antwon would like to meet Matthew, who he thinks is a black man that he has been talking to. What will happen when the two get together? The story is only part of what will be a bigger idea down the line...


Here is an excerpt from Rawiya's story...

“Goddamit Matthew, I wish you would get your own man and stop looking at mine,” Devon said when we left multimedia class. My good friend Devon Hunter was dating the resident hot teacher, Professor Edgar Vincent. All the girls were crazy about him, it’s too bad that they didn’t know he had a desire for ass of the male variety instead of the female.

Rolling my eyes, I shrugged, “Sorry, it’s hard not to gawk at him; he’s really good looking. It’s too bad he saw you first before me.”

Devon put his hand on my chest, lightly shoving me, “What the hell is that supposed to mean? It doesn’t matter anyway, he ain’t into white boys anyhow…”

“His loss,” I replied as we walked to our lockers that were side by side.

Devon chuckled, then muttered, “Bitch…”

Smiling, I retorted, “You love me though…”

“Yep,” he winked, turning the combo lock.

This conversation was a normality between me, Matthew Davidson and my good friend, Devon Peartley. We had known each other since grade school and were now attending the Chelsea College of Art and Design in the midst of our second year of the Graphic Design Communication course; both of us inspiring art directors, that desired to work in either television or movies. We had been close seemingly forever, like brothers. We’d only screwed around once after being drunk at a party after graduating from middle school. The reason why? When you become that insanely tight with someone, where you know every stinking thing about one another, you really don’t want to complicate things by having sex. Moreover, Devon was not really, attracted to white men; he preferred those of his own kind or Hispanic. I liked that as well, but of the older variety.

So, even though I had given Professor Vincent more than a nod, I really wasn’t all that interested truthfully, I only did it to piss off Devon.

“Devon, I want a man. I’m tired of being alone.” I pouted, leaning against the door.

“So get one, and keep away from Doc Vincent.” He closed the door, glaring at me.

“I don’t want your Professor, Devon. You know I am into older black men.” I slid my Blackberry out of my pocket, looking at the screen.

“Yeah, and my doc is an older bloke…”

“Uh huh, but not old enough for me…”

Devon’s eyes widened, “What? You mean you’re looking for an elder, a senior citizen…”

“Fuck you, you tosser, hell no; I’m searching for,” I paused glancing upwards, moving my hands. “A man that is established, in his late forties, early fifties, with intelligence, strength…”

“A libido?”

Rolling my eyes, “Yes, most definitely. Someone that will take care of me, stimulate my mind and my groin, you know?”

Devon sighed, “Uh huh. A sugar daddy…”

“Yes, but a brown sugar daddy…really dark chocolate, sweet to the core, but rugged, rough…”

“Mm, sounds like a tall order. Just where do you think you will find one of those?” Devon put his hand against the wall.

Drawing up my lips, “Not sure…the personals?”

Devon burst out into laughter, “What? Are you kidding me? Those are only for losers, not anyone like you…c’mon you can do better that, mate.” He hit my arm making me wince.

Wryly smiling, I rubbed my arm. “Okay, then how about one of those dating sites?”

“Again…boo…” He put a thumb down.

“Well what, fucker? I mean, damn. I’m just tired of going home and whacking off every night ya’ know? I need someone in my life. Man must not live on choking the chicken alone…”

“True, well chap, just not sure. I know we can do better than the ads or any dating sites online. Besides all the men on those are married on the dl and you don’t want that…”

“How do you know that’s not what I want?”

“C’mon Matt, you don’t want to share the man you like with some bitch…please. You are fine enough to get your own.”

“Not what I want, Devon. The black men that I want to date are not the ones I desire. I want my man to take care of me in every way possible. My only hope might be to get with a man who’s on the low, with a wife and grown kids. Maybe I just might make him switch fences,” I winked.

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