Monday, January 31, 2011

Manlove MONDAY

Manlove Monday initial post – 1/31/11

What is it about MANLOVE that gets us going? I’m not just talking about the sex between two men or the kisses. What about the sensual moments like this one? They don’t even have to be in love, but the fact that they are together, sharing what looks to be an apple is quite hot.

Men showing affection has been a turn on of mine for years, way before I began to write M/M. I believe it may have begun when I saw a couple of members of my favorite band sharing a kiss. The constant displays of touching and groping when I’d go to clubs here in Chicago of men who liked the scene but were not really attracted to men. They just liked the intimacy.

I used to know a guy who wasn’t attracted to men at all but he wanted to be serviced or have sex with one. What was it that he was interested in? He said, the different feel, something new. That’s what’s happening nowadays with a lot of young men who say they aren’t gay but would not mind having a few moments with a man. Sexually open! Ooh I love that!

It is the prime reason as to why I write M/M. It is beautiful to see something other than the everyday vanilla hetero, it is still not widely accepted, taboo and outlawed in a lot of social circles which is one of the things I love most since I’m a rules breaker. Men in love is gorgeous! That is what this segment every Monday will be about.

Unless otherwise noted, the photos are from different websites, royalty free, blogs, etc. They are not mine. There is a photographer that has given me the go ahead to use a couple of his and I will be premiering his picture next week.

Occasionally, I will have an impromptu story to go along with the picture and I hope those of you that follow will respond.

Sound good? Great! Make sure you come back next week. In the meantime, please comment on the pictures you see above. Those are Google Image photos, again NOT MINE!



Lily Harlem said...

A lovely post and beautiful photos. Thanks :-)

Rawiya said...

Thank you Lily for visiting!

Tara Lain said...

Thank you, Michael. Beautiful! : )

Rawiya said...

Thank you for stopping by Tara. The official launch will be next week!

I hope to get the readers comments on the beautiful photo I have planned to show

Blak Rayne Books said...

Really gorgeous photos hun. And I love the post.

Rawiya said...

Thank you Blak, there is more to come! Just wait till you see this Monday. Thank you for stopping by. ;D