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DEBUT Author Spotlight Nix Winter/Sebastian Blade

The First author spotlight will be on Nix Winter, Author of Meet the Morgans and I Hate Christmas. More stories are to follow from this author that writes vibrant characters.

Please read below and learn more about Nix/ Sebastiain an engaging interview.

This post starts a new feature on my blog. Instead of doing reviews, I am reading the author's book in order to ask more comprehensive questions about the book Ive read as well as the authors style.

If you are an author and you're interested, please email me.

Our first author is Nix Winter, also writing as Sebastian Blade. Nix is an engaging writer that brings a fresh approach to the story and its characters. Being a writer myself, it's hard to read another writer while doing your own, but Nix's stories are so unique, they pull you in to keep reading.

I have read three stories so far by Nix, Meet the Morgan's, I Hate Xmas, and the story which appears in the upcoming Ride the Rocket Anthology by Sascha Illyvich, A Berth on Callista and looking forward to reading more.

The following is a short interview with one of the writing world's best kept secrets.

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MM: Taylish and Daniel Morgan from Meet the Morgan's are very vibrant characters. What was your inspiration for them?

NIX: Taylish is a muse that appears in a lot of my stories. I love Taylish. Both Tay and Daniel reach really deep into my soul.

MM: The stories are nicely put together in the one book. I noticed that all were re-printed, are there plans to revisit these characters?

NIX: Yeah! One of the reasons I put out Meeting the Morgans at such a nice bargain price, I might add, is that my Christmas book this year was a Taylish and Daniel story called 'I Hate Christmas'. I want to do a story where Daniel gets his sight back. Taylish is also in a Corey and August story called, "A Trick in the Saturday".

MM: As a writer who pens M/M, what is your advice to others that are trying to break into the genre?

NIX: My advice to writers... Be present in your story. Write what's happening and let the story carry people forward. Said is a good word and Stephen King agrees with me in his book, 'On Writing' which I totally recommend. Write a lot, write all the time, and submit. There is every chance that you're as good as other people submitting stories.

MM: What are you working on right now?

NIX: I just finished a story called 'Mating Rituals', but now I'm working on a m/f/m story called Lord of Storms. Very strong female character! I also have a historical with werewolves. I have so many stories I want to write!

MM: Your story, A Berth on Calista is part of the Riding the Rocket Anthology to be released shortly. Are you a big fan of sci fi? What was the inspiration for this one.

NIX: I love sci-fi! I love history and pretty much any speculative fiction.

MM: How long have you been writing?

NIX: I've been writing since I was eight. So almost forty years? I've been really devoted to my writing for about six years.

MM: What are the next releases we can see from you this year?

NIX: Mating Rituals just came out. Lord of Storms should be out this weekend. Promises, Promises, The Trick in the Saturday, No Faith at All, Faith in the Moon, and a Jewls the Lucky story are all in progress!

MM: Well thank you Nix for stopping by and talking with me today. I really have enjoyed the three i have read so far and look forward to the next ones you have coming out.

NIX: I have a lot of stories at and my new site is



The Next author up, Blak Rayne

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